The Cultural and Recreational Association of Bailo, known as ACURBA, presided by Pilar Buesa, together with Carlos Cirés and Alberto Gil, members of the board of directors, received Dr. Ana Mafé García, president of the Cultural Association The Way of the Holy Grail. They were joined by Esther Santillana, businesswoman of the Centro Óptico Clínico Losan, who supports the development of the Way in Valencia, to present her work as head of the Association and participate in the dissemination of the Historical Recreation of the Stay of the Holy Grail in Bailo this coming September, between the 15th and 17th.

To this end, there was a report of Activities for 2022, a book presentation on “The Holy Grail” published by Sargantana in its 4th edition, a T-shirt and a few dozen copies of the Pilgrimage Credential where the option of walking the route through Bailo is included. All this to contribute to the celebration of the festival.

The re-enactment is an event that takes place every two years and deserves to be highlighted for its importance and originality. It has been declared a Festival of Tourist Interest in Aragon. They are going for the VII recreation, consolidating history and intangible heritage.

All this thanks to the work of the members of ACURBA, which is a cultural association in charge of organising the only historical re-enactment in the town of Bailo, located in the province of Huesca, Spain, based on the legend of the Holy Grail. It aims to transport participants and spectators to medieval times.

Historical re-enactment is a phenomenon that has gained momentum in recent years and ACURBA has been able to take advantage of it in a masterful way. During the event, the villagers dress up in medieval costumes and recreate scenes of everyday life of the time, such as markets and crafts. In addition, there is a theatrical performance that tells the story of the Holy Grail and the quest of the Knights Templar.

This event has a very positive impact on the community of Bailo, says Pilar Buesa. Firstly, it serves as a way to promote and preserve the historical and cultural heritage of the village. The historical re-enactment allows the inhabitants of Bailo to relive the past and keep ancestral traditions alive.

It also attracts numerous visitors during its celebration, which has a significant economic impact on the town. The tourists who come to the event generate an increase in commercial and hotel activity, thus benefiting the local inhabitants and entrepreneurs.

ACURBA, together with its sponsor, the company Ecoamiant and other collaborators such as the Bailo Town Council, the Larués Local Minor Entity, the Government of Aragón and La Jacetania, allows for a unique cultural event that deserves to be valued and recognised.

For all these reasons, in the meeting held between ACURBA, the Cultural Association in charge of carrying out the Historical Recreation of the Holy Grail Stay in Bailo and the Cultural Association The Way of the Holy Grail, the foundations have been laid to join synergies with the Way of the Holy Grail as a possible European Cultural Itinerary.

According to Dr. Ana Mafé, “the aim of the meeting is to explain the importance of this collaboration and how it can contribute to the cultural and touristic enrichment of the region”.

ACURBA, with its historical recreation, manages to transport participants and spectators to the medieval times of the Kingdom of Aragon, reliving the history of the Holy Grail.

We consider that this recreation becomes even more valuable by establishing a connection with the Way of the Holy Grail, a historical route that crosses different European countries and that seeks to be recognised as a European Cultural Itinerary.

Joining synergies between ACURBA and the Way of the Holy Grail would allow to enhance both projects. On the one hand, the historical re-enactment in Bailo would acquire a greater context by being linked to a wider cultural route, thus attracting a public interested in historical heritage and medieval traditions.

On the other hand, the recognition of the Holy Grail Way as a European Cultural Route would be strengthened by the inclusion of Bailo and its historical re-enactment. This collaboration would highlight the importance of the region in the history and legend of the Grail, generating greater tourist and cultural interest in the route.

Furthermore, the establishment of this union would benefit both ACURBA and the Way of the Holy Grail. Both projects could share resources, knowledge and experience, strengthening each other and enhancing their impact on the local community and visitors.

In conclusion, ACURBA and the Way of the Holy Grail have the opportunity to join synergies and collaborate for mutual benefit. This union would not only enrich the historical recreation of Bailo, giving it a broader context, but also contribute to the recognition of the Way as a European Cultural Itinerary.

According to Dr. Ana Mafé “it is an example of how collaboration between different projects can generate a greater impact and value in the cultural and touristic sphere of a region”.

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