Have you ever walked into a shop and had a personalised high-quality t-shirt printed for you in minutes? Do you love graffiti, art, cinema, music, or even bicycles? Do you want to support local artists? Then, ‘Vinyl Eye’ is the shop for you.

Around the corner from the botanical gardens near Valencia’s old town, is Vinyl Eye, a shop covered from floor to ceiling in posters and art designs. Vinyl eye is a clothing brand with four themes: music, urban art, cinema, and bicycles. They sell t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, tote bags, and polo shirts, in all colours and sizes up to XXL. Prices start from €10 to customise your own t-shirt, and €25 for a new t-shirt with a design by one of Vinyl Eye’s artists. There are no pre-printed garments, so each item that leaves the shop is something a customer has selected personally.

Arturo of Vinyl Eye: “It’s a different concept, a new concept. Living the experience of coming and choosing your design and your moment continues to be an experience that people like a lot. Even after five years people who come still find it very original.”

The shop is also a living exhibition space, and they have an extensive gallery wall with more than 70 artist’s designs to choose from… to be printed on your very own garment. Vinyl Eye even occasionally have spray painting workshops you can participate in.

85% of the artists Vinyl Eye collaborates with are local Valencian artists, and the other 15% are national and international artists. They have many iconic artists who you’ll recognise after spending time walking around Valencia, such as David de Limón, La Nena Wapa Wapa, Disneylexya, Bowy Face, Barbi, and Freskales.

Vinyl Eye also supports smaller, up-and-coming artists. “At the end of the day, it is a collaboration between the two of us [Vinyl eye and artists]. We support them, and they support us,” says Arturo.

“I encourage people who pass through Valencia to see the store, because I think it’s worth simply coming to see it,” adds Arturo.

If you want to further explore Vinyl Eye,  they also have  exhibitions right now.

We think Vinyl Eye is the perfect place for a souvenir t-shirt, hoodie, or tote bag. Your purchase supports local artists, and Valencia’s emblematic street artist designs will always remind you of your time in the city.


Report and photography by Julia McGee-Russell

Article copyright ‘24/7 Valencia’

‘Vinyl Eye’ photo copyright Julia McGee-Russell / 24/7 Valencia



C/ Turia, 35


Zona Botánico


Tel: 961 47 80 33

See Vinyl Eye Facebook link below for opening hours:




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