What is ‘Cinesa’ and where can we find it in Valencia?
CINESA: Cinesa is the leading film exhibition company in Spain. Currently Cinesa has a cinema in Valencia, Cinesa LUXE Bonaire, located in the Bonaire Shopping Centre. In total, there are 16 cinemas that have all the characteristics of the LUXE format: reclining seats, wider than the usual ones and with an individual table for popcorn and the drink, and with screens that incorporate the latest technology of sound and projection, like surround sound and digital projection.

In Cinesa LUXE Bonaire, the spectators will also be able to enjoy a Screen-X room, with a screen that goes from wall to wall joined to two lateral screens, and an iSens room, also with a wall to wall screen, 4K projector and a Dolby Atmos sound system.

Cinesa LUXE Bonaire also has an Oscar’s Bar, a premium cinema bar with a range of products that cannot normally be found in a cinema.

Could you tell us about the success of film culture in relation to COVID?
It’s clear that 2020 has been an atypical year in all senses and we, as a company in the film sector, have been presented with many challenges and have had to adapt to the situation.

In this sense, from the very beginning we implemented all the necessary measures to guarantee the creation of a completely safe environment in each and every one of our film complexes. And we believe that from this point of view, our strategy has been a success. Our customers have felt safe and have told us so… both in their visits to our cinemas and through social networks. In fact, it has been demonstrated that the cinemas are safe since in all this time no COVID has been detected in any film installation.

On the other hand, although it is true that the current situation has made it difficult for us, with postponed international premieres, closed cinemas in some regions, capacity restrictions and even the prohibition of consumption of bar products, from Cinesa we have made an effort to offer our customers new formulas for film consumption that cover the wide variety of tastes and preferences of our viewers.

We believe that cinema has a very long journey. Spectators are eager to go to the movies, because going to the movies is not just watching a movie. It is an experience. It’s getting out of the house, spending an afternoon with your family… especially now that many clients are teleworking and need to get out and disconnect…

What are the new services that CINESA offers to its clients in Valencia?
We are currently offering new services in all our cinemas in order to provide our customers with new ways to enjoy the movie experience. For example, we have promoted the celebration of thematic cycles every day of the week: Musicals Cinesa, Supermartes Marvel, Family Cycle, Spanish Comedy, Horror. In December, we will also recover all the films that are part of the Harry Potter saga and we will also have a specific cycle with the films of Juan Antonio Bayona.

Another initiative we have launched is the “Reserved Pack”, a service that allows private clients to reserve a room exclusively to celebrate a birthday, a family or friends meeting or any other type of private event, with the possibility of customizing the meeting. The reservation of the space includes the projection of a film from the company’s catalogue, the entrance and a popcorn and drink menu per attendee up to 20 people, which can be extended upon request. Beyond the cinema, the “Reserved Pack” can also be used to organize a gaming event, renting the cinemas to compete in the video game that the client prefers.

In addition to all this, we have set up our own Ecommerce platform, a web page through which our customers can purchase coupons at reduced prices to be redeemed later for cinema tickets. And, of course, we have also adapted our offer of Cinesa Business, with multiple options so that companies can carry out their business events in our rooms with all the necessary security measures.

Could you tell us more about the thematic cycles?
Thematic cycles are really a bet that the company made years ago. Proof of this is our Classical Cycle dedicated to operas, ballets and other related contents, which have been part of our regular line-up for years. Another example is the Oscar film cycles that have been made some time in the first quarter of the year. Or the Halloween marathons that, every year, fill our cinemas with horror movies. In the end, we analyze the demand and offer customers what we see that interests them.

Taking into account that the current situation has led to the suspension of many of the film premieres and that, therefore, the film offer has been reduced, from Cinesa we have decided to bet on this type of content as a formula to complement the billboard.

Will you have films in original version that will be shown in this winter season in CINESA VALENCIA?
In Cinesa, we always plan on offering what the clients want. And this implies working in a practical way. Just as the billboard is not the same in one cinema as in another, neither are the special proposals, as is the case with Original Version Films. Although it is true that at the beginning of 2020 Cinesa launched its VOSE line in some cinemas, at the moment in Cinesa LUXE Bonaire (Valencia) we do not see that it is a product that current customers are demanding of us. We are always open to listen to the market. But we believe that currently is not the best time to incorporate VOSE sessions in this cinema.

Interview by Will McCarthy
Article / Copyright ‘24/7 Valencia’

Sala de cine
Centre Comercial Bonaire
Enderezo: Parque Comercial Bonaire, N-III, Km. 345,

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