What better way to cool down and chill out in the summer than with a cocktail? 24/7 Valencia magazine proudly presents for your pleasure a selection of our favourites, starting with:

1 Tequila Sunrise

2 parts tequila, 2 parts Grenadine, Orange Juice, Fine Sugar

Dip the rim of the glass in water then carefully dip the upturned glass into a saucer of sugar. Now pour in your tequila, add ice then pour in the grenadine, now slowly add the orange juice taking care not to disturb the tequila/grenadine mixture. Drink through a straw.

2 Agua de Valencia

1 part Gin/Vodka, 2 parts Brut Cava, Orange Juice to taste

Gently mix ingredients in a jug with ice. Pour and drink – careful though they taste so good you csn easily forget hot potent they are!

3 Dry Martini

4 to 5 parts Gin, 1 part dry Vermouth

Gently stir with ice and strain into a chilled glass! Some people reckon the best dry martini is made by spraying the vermouth onto the inner surface of the glass with a perfume atomizer and adding iced gin! 007, of course, prefers it shaken.

4 Long Tom Collins

2 parts Gin, 1 part Lime Juice, Gaseosa to taste

Gently mix ingredients in a jug with ice. Pour and drink  – decorate with a slice of orange.

5 Manhattan

2/3 Bourbon, 1/6 Dry Vermouth, 1/6 Sweet Vermouth, dash of bitters

Pour all the ingredients over ice into a heavy-based tumbler – stir just 5 times – no more – add a cherry if you like. I’m told this one is an acquired taste…

6 Singapore Sling

2 parts Gin, 1 part Cherry brandy, juice of half a lemon, dash of bitters, 1 teaspoon Sugar, Soda Water

Put all the ingredients except soda into a shaker with ice – shake well – pour over more ice into tall glasses and top up with soda – thirst quencher extraordinaire!


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