24/7 Valencia: Can you tell us about your background regarding the world of tapas?

Clann Bar:Valencia has changed a lot. I came to this city over 20 years ago and worked in ‘Tasca Angel’, which was my classic schooling in choosing the right fresh products from the ‘Mercado Central.’ I also learnt how to cook so that the public eats well. I saw that with a bit more effort than normal you can present great tapas to customers that don’t cost them the earth. I also lived in Ireland for five years and worked in restaurants, café-bars & gastro pubs. My wife is Irish.

24/7 Valencia: What is the philosophy of Clann Bar?

Clann Bar:  We have a fairly ample ‘carta’ with meat, fish and vegetable dishes. I like to cook according to the seasons. So, you will find tapas & dishes with mushrooms, cuttlefish, mussels, artichokes…all depending on the week or ‘temporada.’ At the moment, we have a ‘Tomate Valenciano’ with goat’s cheese & tuna. We currently have meat dishes like ‘Carrillada’ and Honeyed Ibérico Pork Fillet. Vegetarian options include our homemade tortilla and a platter of manchego cheese.

At Clann, you can often have grilled ‘dorada’ sea bream or a boneless version of a mountain rabbit dish, typical of the local region. Our calamari (squid) is a “delicia” and a speciality, which we affectionately call ‘8 bombones’ and it is fresh, grilled and flavoured with a parsley sauce. We also have cured octopus from Dénia, down the coast.

We have an Irish dish with top quality ‘Black Angus’ steak and some great Irish whiskies too. Regarding ‘vinos’ from the community, we have a youngish red Bobal wine from Requena-Utiel and refreshing ‘Marina Alta’ white wine. We also have mature wines with more body from the north of Spain, Argentina and Cavas by the glass from Valencia too.

There isn’t a fixed menu as our kitchen is limited in size. Our philosophy is to have great product and a little bit of everything …one good salad, one good cheese, one good ham, one good tomato… fresh and cooked-in-the-moment. This isn’t a robotic place. It is an intimate space where you can enjoy a good conversation with the staff & other customers, just like the old days used to be in taverns. We have an outside terrace too.”

Interview by 24/7 Valencia team

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C/ Zurradores, n°9 (near Plaza Santa Catalina)

Tel: 662 43 69 72

Zona Carmen

46001 Valencia

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