##The Orange of Valencia is the protagonist of the new edition of Estrella Galicia Beer Factory. For the production of this beer that pays homage to the Valencian Community, orange peel of the Valencia Late variety has been used to provide flavour and aromas.

The company’s beer brewers are committed to uniting Galicia and Valencia through this “citrus lager”, the eighth launch of the brand’s most groundbreaking line of beers.

Estrella Galicia Beer Factory launches 9,000 litres of this beer that can be purchased both online and at selected points of sale

Orange is the new protagonist of Estrella Galicia Beer Factory. It is the first time that the brewery uses a typical ingredient from another region that is not Galicia for its elaboration, such as the Valencia Late variety oranges from the Valencian Community, thus joining both worlds through a surprising beer proposal. As indicated on the label: “a beer from the terriña with the best of the terreta”.

For its elaboration, the brewer masters of Hijos de Rivera have added the orange peel in the ripening phase, with the aim that the beer acquired its flavor. The result is that of a “citrus lager”, a golden beer with a white foam crown that is perceived by the naked eye. How could it be otherwise, it has citrus scent reminiscent of orange and sweet tangerine to end one with malt with toasted notes. In the mouth it surprises its flavor of citrus, acids and sweets, leaving a bitter aftertaste after the drink on the palate.

With this edition, Estrella Galicia Beer Factory once again demonstrates its capacity for innovation and its centennial beer knowledge. Luis Alvar, the company’s master brewer, highlights “the effort made to incorporate a new ingredient and achieve with it the perfect balance to obtain a beer of the same quality as the previous ones with a surprising citrus flavor for all”.

This is the eighth edition of Estrella Galicia Beers Factory and comes after the success of the previous editions of Pimientos de Padrón, Percebes da Costa da Morte, Pumpkin and Vanilla, Castañas, Galician Irish Red, La Peliroja and the smoked Bidueira. All of them have had an excellent reception among consumers and have sold out in a matter of hours, which has generated a great expectation for the succession of original recipes that Hijos de Rivera is presenting.

 Consumers who want to try this new edition of beer can get it on the website of Estrella Galicia, as well as in selected establishments, although it will be necessary to hurry because only 9,000 litres in the 50 cl bottle format will be launched.


More info at https://estrellagalicia.es/gl/

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