Moving into a new city can be difficult, especially when it is in a foreign country where you don’t speak the native language. You may try following your hobbies and passions, however, the language barrier may still persist as you try to find your community. This experience can resonate with many of us, especially the owner of Baila Con Cameron, whose story we are sharing today.

In 2019, Cameron Hall arrived in Valencia in search of his “dance tribe” which proved more difficult than expected. “I was pretty lonely. I didn’t speak the language and had left my usual work, as a performer, so I wanted to meet new friends and the plan was to search out a ‘dance tribe’.  I soon realised that English dance classes were not a thing here and I didn’t feel welcome in Spanish ones.”

 “So I started a Jazz class in English and with that Baila con Cameron was born. Now standing at 17 classes a week for all ages and ranging from Musical Theatre to Jazz, Ballet and even our famous Disco Fit classes. I call our dance family our flock. It’s made up of people from all over the world, all ages, all experiences levels but the one thing that unites us is a love of dance, fun, and shimmies! Everybody and ANYbody are welcome in Baila con Cameron classes. I encourage our students to come as they are and just be themselves, I want my students to feel like a flamingo in a world of pigeons.”

All of us who have been to Valencia have most likely experienced the health-oriented feeling amongst the people here. In fact, Valencia has been voted the healthiest city in the world for the 2nd year in a row, so I asked Cameron what he thought was the reason for it?

“I think the River bed is a huge element of that. At any one time, you can walk through the riverbed and see any number of classes whether it’s dance, yoga, or pilates. The sun and the open-air really do make you feel happier and you can’t deny the link between happiness and health. I would love to say it is all our shimmying and dancing that makes this city the healthiest city in the world (it might be a bold statement but I’m sticking with it!)”

Recently, the 24/7 Valencia team attended one of Baila con Cameron’s ‘Dance to Donate’ events, so we asked him more about his fundraisers.

“We did recently hold a dance to donate class for Ukraine raising over 800 euros! The energy was electric and I’m still buzzing many days later. It is actually our 5th Dance to Donate event I’ve hosted we have done Halloween Thriller parties, Grease dance nights, and other events and supporting cancer charities, baby loss charities as well as LGBTQ organisations with our annual Pride party. In total, we have raised close to 2000 euros for our chosen charities. I always say I’m on a mission to make the world a happier and better place one shimmy at a time and my incredible dance community is always there to support and spread the love.”

“Our next event is actually a fundraiser for our very first show ‘Into the Spotlight’ which will be performed in June. We will hold a quiz night to raise money for costumes, set, and props for the amazing students of Baila con Cameron to show what they are made of. We are also already planning our annual pride party, movie nights, and even a Murder Mystery night to continue our dance to donate initiative  So watch this space!”

To support Cameron’s initiative to make people feel like flamingos in the world full of pigeons, make sure to keep an eye out for his upcoming events. The Quiz Night will be taking place on April 2nd at The Space Valencia. For more information contact Baila con Cameron using the information provided below!



Instagram: @bailaconcameron


Report by Nicole Maka-Sprawa

Article copyright ’24/7 Valencia’

Photo copyright Nicole Maka-Sprawa /  ‘24/7 Valencia’

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