Exercising in El Jardín Del Turia (Valencia)

##El Jardín Del Turia has a myriad of outdoor activities – from personal training to Taekwondo classes. Here at ‘24/7 Valencia’, we have been exploring some of the free options available to keep fit and have fun.

El Jardin Del Turia is home to a 5km running track. Popular runner’s app ‘Strava’ reported in 2017 that the 5 Kilometre circuit is the third most popular running track in all of Spain, logging over 76,000 records. The track itself is constantly being upgraded and special streetlamps have recently been designed and installed for the circuit to brighten the darkest areas of the track but minimise the light pollution to outside of The Turia Gardens.

El Jardin Del Turia runs a length of over 10km with designated cycle paths parrel to each other the entire length. With cycle ramps dotted along the length and access at every bridge, it is easy to join or leave the park as a traffic-free way to cross city as well as gorgeous scenery for a leisurely cycle. There are ‘Valenbisi’ docking stations along the streets crowning the park. However, for a more lightweight, off-road cycle we would recommend hiring a bike from one of the many Bike Rental Shops within Valencia (see for more information).

Dotted throughout the gardens are various pieces of free gym equipment that require only body weight resistance to use. As demonstrated by Stein, there is no need for fancy or expensive gym memberships, especially useful throughout the Covid situations when gyms are at limited capacity or people prefer to exercise with open air. Each miniature gym has slightly different pieces of equipment, but all provide enough for a full body work out. We recommend taking your own sanitiser wipes to clean the equipment before and after use.

There are plenty of organised Yoga classes within the park but for a free option you can utilise the space alone, or with friends to lead your own flow or follow the many online videos available. There is plenty of space to bring your own yoga mat and bask in the sunshine or take shelter in the shade.

Elizabeth Williams

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Photo: ‘Those Who Cycle Together, Stay Together’, Photo Copyright: @elizabethlauren95 // 24/7 Valencia

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