##This performance was a key part of the celebration of the 1st Cultural Fortnight regarding ‘The Way of the Holy Grail’ in the prestigious modernist building of the ‘Mercado de Colón’ in the city of Valencia.

The Mediterranean city of Valencia has kept the Holy Grail in its metropolitan Cathedral since 1437 and has ended the special fortnight with a spectacular artistic event.

The multi-media artist, Dr. María Gómez, dazzled the public with an artistic performance surrounded by expert plastic artists, art critics and the general public in the ‘Mercado de Colón’, an impressive modernist building from 1914.

Undoubtedly, she is the best international artist who has captured the history of the Holy Grail in images. She has a large collection of canvases dedicated to the most desired object of the Western Middle Ages.

Her latest exhibitions have been held in emblematic places full of history such as the Castle of San Pedro, also known as the Citadel of Jaca, an incredible 16th century building, or the Museu Arqueològic d’Ontinyent & la Vall d’Albaida.

María Gómez is capable of executing with the same iconographic motif a summary of the most important artistic movements that have created an entire European cultural heritage. From Gothic to Surrealism, from hyperreality to expressionism.

Her exhibitions are brimming with art, originality and genius too. These are qualities that are very necessary in the art of the 21st century… so that the Art Market World does not become a mere pantomime.

Maria Gómez comments that… “to leave a future of empty virtual spaces and calling them works of art is to tell our descendants that we were imbeciles. ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes,’ a Danish fairy tale written by Hans Christian Andersen, is something many art dealers should be reading again so as to truly separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to art with real spirit and verve!”

María Gómez has set to work to make it clear that speculation and the lack of knowledge of those who launder their money through art or squander it from public institutions (otherwise the disastrous quality of the works acquired and their high price cannot be understood) only leads to the putrefaction of the potential for works of genius in the world of art.

The multi-media artist Maria Gómez is receiving offers for exhibitions all over the world. The temples of art, the museums, want to have a work of the Holy Grail in their collections and the most acclaimed international artist for this is Dr Maria Gómez.

We remember that by her hands as an art restorer have passed works of Rubens, Rembrant and Goya in the pictorial collection of Lladró. The Cathedral of Valencia itself has more than 70 works by Maria Gómez. Very few artists in the world can boast of mastering painting techniques from the twelfth century to the XXI century. And Dr Maria Gómez is the only one who knows the Holy Grail to perfection, as she has been working in the Cathedral for 38 years.

“It’s time to show the world where the Holy Grail is”. Maria Gómez is expected to put her unpublished work related to the Holy Grail on sale. To date it has been kept in her art studios and in the Cathedral. It will be a magnificent investment for art lovers to have a unique Holy Grail in their collections.

Report by 24/7 Valencia team

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