‘Las Cervezas del Mercado’ has inaugurated a new exhibition by Valencian artists  Francesc Llatas and Javier Moreno join in “Telúrico” to show two points of view regarding biology, nature, the intrinsic and most intimate of each being in an exhibition that has been inaugurated at the Mercado de Colón of Valencia. Both artists share their vision of the organic and the artificial, observing the shapes and textures of the natural world and have decided to unite in an exhibition that subjects them to the earth and invites visitors to reflect on existence.

Francesc Llatas is an artist and potter. His works sway between paper, ceramics and large formats but always with mixed techniques using various supports. Llatas dives between the abstract and the figurative, between the organic and the architectural, between nature and artificiality. For “ Telluric ” he has put together a selection of mixed-technique drawings made during the 2020 confinement.

Javier Moreno shows excellent interest and admiration for everything we understand by nature, with clear influences and references between diversity and biological wealth. His collection shows unusual natures, specimens of difficult taxonomic classification that oscillate between the real and the fictional. This Valencian artist’s constant observations have led him consciously and unconsciously to create pictorial pieces that are sometimes presented  as imaginary creatures.

Bierwinkel: Since 1992, Bierwinkel has been the quintessential European beer import and distribution firm in Spain, selecting the most emblematic beers of all types, fermentations, colors, alcoholic strength, formats and origins of each country, bringing them closer to our culture and making them known. Already in 2002 Bierwinkel created their own Finest Beers Selection, combining effort, knowledge and guarantees of expansion with the Belgian brewer John Martin, SA. In 2010, the German brewer Dinkelacker was linked, Sanwald and the Belgians Huyghe, Bosteels and Belgoo Beer, a few years later the Het Anker and Chimay brewers in order to consolidate and expand this unique and select Joint Venture brewer for Spain. Likewise, they work intensively in the introduction and commercialization of craft beers in the Valencian Community. A good example has been the development and implementation of the Valencian Craft Beer ® concept.


Report by ‘24/7 Valencia’  team

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Photo:  Javier Moreno, Anabel Navas y Francesc Llatas


Address: Las Cervezas Del Mercado,

Mercat de Colón,

Carrer de Jorge Juan,

46004, Valencia

Contact Number: 962 930 081

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