From Valencia, Dr. Ana Mafé is a world expert in the protohistory of the Holy Grail and demonstrates this in the application of the iconological scientific method created by Dr. Panofsky on the carving of the Virgin.  A new discovery will be presented at the IX edition of the International  Scientific Professional Congress of cultural tourism ( CITC ) in Córdoba, Spain!

During the past month of September, the ‘Way of the Holy Grail Cultural Association’  aka ‘El Camino del Santo Grail’: https://asociacionculturalelcaminodelsantogrial.com/ in collaboration with Cristina Monzón Martín and Alejandro Martínez-Notte, members of the audiovisual production company of tourist content Teleaire.com: https://www.teleaire.com/santo-grial-de-valencia/ carried out a field audit of the layout of ‘The Way of the Holy Grail’: https://www.caminodelsantogrial.org/ from Somport to the vicinity of the Royal Pantheon Monastery of San Juan de la Peña in Aragón in Spain.

Near Jaca they found, in a Romanesque church, a sculpture of the Virgin Mary made of polychromed wood that, with her right hand, carried what is a chalice of sorts. They quickly contacted Dr. Ana Mafé García, a world expert in the protohistory of the Holy Grail. By visiting the church in question, she was able to verify in situ that the appearance of the size corresponds in that same hand, to a cup of blessing practically equal to that of the upper part of the Holy Chalice of the Cathedral of Valencia, the Holy Grail.

This discovery will be presented by Dr. Ana Mafé García next February at the International Professional Scientific Congress of Cultural Tourism ( CITC ):  https://www.congresointernacionalturismoculturalcitc.com/ sponsored by the Loyola Andalusia University: https://www.uloyola.es/servicios/infraestructuras/nuestros-campus/cordoba through the Professor of Econometrics and Statistics Dr. Genoveva Millán Vázquez de la Torre, President of the Scientific Committee.

This IX edition of the International Scientific Professional Congress of Cultural Tourism ( CITC ) will be held on February 23 and 24, 2023 and will deal with “Cultural identity as a factor of human progress ”. In this edition, a total of nine Universities will participate in the organization: Loyola Andalusia University; University of Córdoba; University of Barcelona; Michoacana University of San Nicolás de Hidalgo ( Mexico ); University of Guadalajara ( Mexico ); National University of Southern Patagonia ( Argentina ); School of Tourism and Hospitality Ostelea, the Open University of Catalonia ( UOC ) through the UNESCO Chair in Food, Culture and Development and the National University of Costa Rica.

The Co-Organizing Organizations in the IX CITC Edition 2023 are the Provincial Council of Córdoba, Córdoba City Council and the Junta de Andalucía ( Tourism, Sports and Culture Area ).

During her presentation, Dr. Ana Mafé will expose what the Holy Grail is, what is the iconographic motif that identifies it and the importance of spreading the Path of the Holy Grail as a destination that encompasses a European Cultural Itinerary. In Spain, it includes Aragon from Somport ( Huesca ) to Albentosa and San Agustín in Teruel, passing through the cities of Huesca, Zaragoza and Teruel. The Camino del Santo Grail reaches the Valencian Community through the municipality of Barracas, province of Castellón, continues through Caudiel, Benafer, Jérica, Navajas, Altura, Segorbe, Geldo, Villatorcas, Soneja and in the province of Valencia continues through Algar De Palancia, Algimia De Alfara, Torres Torres, Estivella, Albalat Dels Taronchers, Sagunto, Puçol, El Puig de Santa Maria, La Puebla de Farnals, Massamagrell, Emperador, Albuixech, Albalat dels Sorells, Meliana, Alboraya and the city of Valencia.

The presence of Dr. Ana Mafé at the congress is carried out in collaboration with different entities, including the Losan Clinical Optics Centre: https://www.opticalosan.com/, which funds the research, the Cultural Association The Way of the Holy Grail together with the sponsorship of Valencian Community Tourism: https://www.experienciascv.es/buscar?cat=26 through the Grail Route, the Valencia Provincial Council and the patronage of ‘Turisme València’: https://turisme.dival.es/


Article copyright ‘24/7 Valencia’

This is the video:  https://youtu.be/Z_N60MyfyTs

We recommend watching the first episode of the Holy Grail Path in: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ee-lEULttKk&t=1282s

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