These days GONG is indeed a rare bird in the Valencia nightlife world. Crossing the door’s entrance and entering is like being inside a time machine and travelling to that time when Valencia was synonymous with good music and an underground scene. It’s one of those secret places that you get taken to one night and may never know how to find again. It’s the hidden Valencia.

It is situated in the historic centre known as the Barrio del Carmen, less than a stone’s throw from C/Caballeros. This bar specializes in quality music that covers many styles and eras. It is music to enjoy over conversation or on the dance floor. It’s a cosy scene, open to all ages and all types of people who are united in enjoying this authentic slice of Valencia nightlife.

GONG’s essence is its authenticity. It is a jewel in the crown for those of you who love their auctions because you never know what you will find. You can also lose yourself inside here with their ‘oceanic rhythms’ from the 1960s as well as the 1920s and the 1990s. Their record selections are always special, ideal for those with good ears and restless feet! When you get talking to the locals, you’ll find they will tell you that this is a bar like you used to find in “the old days”, a place where you really feel at home, a place to chat and dance and enjoy with friends that you only leave at closing time because there are no other options!

You will always find the co-owners, Rebeca and Bart, at GONG. They are open to all sorts of conversations regarding music, art and they can also give tips to travellers who are a bit lost, trying to find their way around the historic centre. Indeed, Bart is a veritable encyclopedia regarding music!

During the week, you will find that the atmosphere is more relaxed with diverse activities like theatre improvisations, antique auctions and special session for swing hoppers. It’s at the weekend that the atmosphere heats up and you get to groove to a surprisingly varied range of music for your ears. You’ll also find DJ sessions; acoustic concerts as well as occasional events like vinyl fairs and unmissable FUNK nights, every first Saturday of the month or ‘Retro Kumbia’ nights. Tapas are not available but they have some spectacular cocktails and beers, including a local cerveza as well as beer on tap. They also have their famous chupitos of absinthe as well as ‘Pardal de la Albufera’, a cream liqueur made from rice, traditional to the areas where the best rice is produced for paella.

GONG is open every day, from Tuesday to Saturday from 20.00h. The prices are very reasonable with prices that suit everybody. All you need to know now is how to find it! It is on a side street off C/ Caballeros. See you there…

C/ Concordia, 3
(Just a brief walk from Calle Caballeros and Plaza Manises)
Open from Tuesday to Saturday from 22h

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