Good Red Wine?


If you are a drinker you will need to make the right choices as to what to drink. Therefore, it is quite handy, living in the land of stunning Rioja, lovely La Mancha and smooth Valdepeñas that there is more good news for drinkers of red wine. A substance called Rosveritrol, an extremely powerful antioxidant, helps to stop bronchitis and other inflammatory conditions of the lungs from getting out of hand.

The scientists who have made the discovery have stated their usual, “However it is not that well absorbed from the ingestion of red wine and we are trying to isolate it into a supplement/drug that can help in a more effective way” speech. However, until then, it would seem to be a good idea, just as a preventative you know, to get downing quantities of red wine hitherto unbeknown to mankind.

While we are at it, let’s also look at what else you should be taking to prevent yourself getting the huge number of bugs, viruses and general little nasties that are going round at the moment.

The best protective supplements are well known; vitamin C and Zinc. Vitamin c can be taken from oranges and other citrus fruits as well as a variety of vegetables. However, the best way to get optimum amounts of it into your system is through supplementation. One gram of vitamin C, the minimum to have a protective effect against the cold virus amongst the others, takes about 22 oranges to equate to a small tablet. Now, you may have a great reason to eat oranges living in Valencia and you may absolutely love them but you will not, in general, be able to take 22 oranges in every day, surely.

Zinc is a booster for the immune system and should be taken in the run up to autumn. Unfortunately, autumn didn’t so much run up this year as hide behind a tree and jump out on us taking everybody by surprise in Valencia. Therefore, you should be stocking up now on your zinc reserves. Apart from the protective beneficial effects on the immune system, zinc is also effective in improving male libido, not by coincidence is the highest amount of zinc naturally occuring in foods been found in oysters. Therefore if you want to let it go this autumn and satisfy your partner without giving them a really bad head cold that you have been carrying around for some time (Ho Ho Ho say all the girls) then get downing oysters by the bucketload or slightly more cheaply, take a supplement of zinc.

You could also use enchinacea, which is proved to have a protective effect against viruses and bugs if taken well in advance of coming into contact with the bugs themselves and get into your local bars and start asking for food rich in onions and more importantly, garlic. It is not only vampires that can be warded off by copious amounts of garlic but also nasty evil little viruses and unfortunately potential suitors. Make sure that when you eat that garlic bread with extra garlic that you are taking your partner with you.

So to sum up, go out tonight for a romantic meal, start with oysters lashed down with red wine of course, follow up with  garlic bread accompanying any Italian meal that include loads of the evil smelling garlic, preferably in raw mode. Finish off with an orange smoothie made from at least 22 oranges, perhaps supplemented with L Casei to improve your intestinal flora, and then get off to your nearest Russian bar (so many to choose from) and take a tad of vodka- accompanying pickled garlic cloves, about ten should do, followed by another couple of scoops of red wine in your local bodega. Obviously more difficult to find than the ubiquitous Russian bars. Climb into bed and make love until the early hours. This is also supposed to ward off infection if done vigorously enough as you are then getting the exercise needed to live a long and healthy life without any wheezing.

I drink to your good health.


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