#This year, Mahou is joining the fiery celebrations of Las Fallas with pioneering initiatives to make a mark and be the drink of choice by those gathering and celebrating the anticipated event. Firstly, Mahou created a competition to design the first ‘Ninot Indultat’ in NFT (“Non-Fungible Token”), and the beer company will be releasing a special edition bottle in homage to the festival.

The three pairs of artists taking part were asked to illustrate their vision of what ‘El Encuentro en Fallas’ represents in the form of digital ninots. Now, we get to be a part of the process by voting on our favourite design and thus entering a draw to be the owner of the first Ninot Indultat in the history of Las Fallas. The creators are formed by Nuria Bellver and Raquel Fanjul, illustrators of Cachete Jack; Miguel Hache and Marina Puche, Fallas artists; Siddharth Gautam Singh and Fito Conesa, digital creators.

Valencians will have the opportunity to be part of the project’s jury and will be able to visit and vote for their favourite until 10 March through the website

With their participation, they will be entered into a draw for the winning entry to become the owner of a  Ninot Indultat, which will become an exclusive work of art.

A meeting with the artists who create the ninots? In order for the public to learn first-hand about the inspiration and design process of the digital ninots, Mahou will be holding a meeting with the creators guided by the gallery owner Ismael Chappaz, head of the House Of Chappaz gallery, on Thursday 3 March at 18:30h at Cafeteria Moments – Beneficencia (Calle Corona 36). Access will be free until full capacity is reached.

You have until March 10 to cast your vote, to see the finalists and vote click here.

During the celebrations of Las Fallas, you will be able to purchase the special edition of Mahou that pays tribute to the festival and Valencia. Furthermore, the company will be revealing events they have organised to encourage people to spend time with their friends and enjoy themselves with good music playing in the background and most importantly, a Mahou in their hand. The Spanish beer is making Valencian history.


Report by Nicole Maka-Sprawa

Article copyright ‘24/7 Valencia’

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