This month I want to tell you about quite an interesting circular route close to Valencia that I’ve been doing a lot lately. First, you can get tot the starting point by putting your bike on the train to Torrente. From there you look for the industrial estate called Mas del Jutzge, the best way to get to Calicanto.

It’s an asphalted road with little traffic, which takes you to a bridge crossing the motorway that runs round Valencia, the bypass in other worlds. Once across, you enter Calicanto, a large sprawling housing estate, and as soon as you have entered, you should go right. You ride down a road that crosses the whole estate, and when you come to a bar called Sol y Nata, you should go right and then, one block on, turn right again. Thirty meters on, you’ll come to a dirt path on your left, which is the beginning of Camino Tizon, and that will bring you to another housing estate: Sierra Perenchiza.

Go straight ahead…the road is narrow to start with but it widens, it’s a proper road carrying little traffic, running through orange fields or well cultivated gardens.

Once you’ve arrived in Sierra Perenchiza, turn right and at the next crossroads (with a play park in front of you) right again, then right again, taking you to a sports centre and bar.

Continue past the bar, and follow the road as it heads out of the housing estate. Once past all the houses, the road crosses a stream and soon after this, heading uphill, there’s a dirt path on the right which is where all the fun starts. Continue until a small housing estate appears with an asphalted road tot he left. Take the dirt path on the right instead. You head downhill for a good while, gently but enough to make it enjoyable. But keep your eyes peeled for a small pine wood on the right – take the path here, heading to your right.

A bit further ahead, you’ll find an old abandoned farmhouse on your right and see a ravine on your left. It’s easy to go really fast here, but a word of warning: When you go downhill where the cane is growing, this can present two dangers because you’re close to water. Rounded stones can  make you lose control of your bicycle (I’m speaking from personal experience) and there could be water where you can’t see it, with the same result.

Continue straight ahead and at the end you’ll find la Masia del Rey, a large agricultural property. At this point you can either opt to go straight on or turn right. If we head right, you come to Camino Tizon again, whereas to the left you once again enter into an ocean of orange trees. First you turn right, then to left on a path that allows you to push yourself on different terrains, stone, sand etc. Once you reach the end, you come to an asphalted road, turn left and you come once again to Camino Tizon.

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