Healing hands? Yes. Over the summer holidays, on a lazy afternoon with plenty of time to reflect and relax, a member of the 24/7 Valencia team partook in a ‘Reiki’ session at the Oblivium Centre in Valencia.

At our session, with loose fitting clothes and chill out music playing gently in the background, the Reiki teacher placed their hands on various parts of the body, including the head, torso, knees and feet. The hands are placed in each area for a few minutes before moving to the next position and the session lasted for around an hour.

It was very relaxing experience and enlightening to discuss with the Reiki teacher afterwards what we could learn about ourselves from the session. Before the Reiki session, we interviewed Maria Christina Villafuerte, a leading practitioner of this increasingly popular therapy.

reikisymbolWhat is Reiki?

All living beings, whether human, animal or plant, radiate heat and energy. This energy is the vital force of life. The Japanese call it ki and that is the root of the word Reiki. Rei means universal and refers to the essence of the cosmic energy that penetrates all things. Reiki is a process of combining the Universal Energy with the physical energy of each individual.

We could say that it is energy similar to radio waves, which can be applied efficiently either from a distance or with direct contact. It is an inoffensive energy, without side effects; it is practical, safe, efficient and compatible with other therapies.

The energy of Reiki is a light energy, which penetrates the organism, rebalancing it in the process. In a Reiki session, the amount of energy received by the patient is determined by him or herself. The Reiki therapist only directs this energy.

How can Reiki help us?

Energy applies to everybody; we can all be a channel for Reiki, independent of age or gender. Reiki alleviates any physical pain that the patient may have. In addition, Reiki is not just orientated towards suppressing the pathological but also recovers the patient’s natural state of equilibrium which produces a sense of well-being and happiness.

Who practices Reiki at the Oblivium Centre in Valencia?

My name is María Cristina Villafuerte. I am a qualified chemist, bacteriologist and transpersonal psychologist. I have been teaching for the last 27 years and was introduced to the world of Nature therapy 25 years ago, while studying Bach flower remedies, Kinesiology, Aromatherapy, Crystal healing, Reiki and different psychological techniques.

I have applied all of this knowledge in the treatment of my patients, perfecting these techniques over the years as I have searched for a therapeutic system that aims to completely treat the body, mind, emotions and spirit. What stimulates me is to see the effective results of the treatments with my patients and would sincerely love to share Reiki with all of your readers.

If you are interested in a Reiki session, please contact the Oblivium Centre

C/Hospital, 6 bajo

Tel: 96 392 61 59

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