Situated on the banks of the river Turia, IVAM was the first centre of modern art created in Spain, opening its doors in the city of Valencia in 1989. The Institut València d’Art Modern (IVAM) houses both permanent and temporary exhibitions bringing together the works of local artists with those from all over the world. The museum has a permanent collection of around 12,000 works by renowned Spanish and international artists. It also hosts conferences, workshops, and musical performances. IVAM is a visually striking, impressive building with large rooms flooded with modern art.

The most recent addition to IVAM is the work on the exterior façade at the rear of the building by Valencian artist, Escif. His work presides over a garden and marks the artistic creation and expression of what’s inside. We visited IVAM last week and met with (head of communications) Juana Camps Montesinos…who was happy to explain the concepts behind the temporary exhibitions and invited us to view them with our own eyes. The current exhibitions include the works of Asger Jorn, Julio González, Pinazo, Teresa Lanceta, Ana Penyas and Alba Herrero.

Asger Jorn is a Danish artist who was a founding member of European avant-garde movements. The exhibition was curated by art historian, Ellef Prestsæter, and showcases the broad scope of Jorn’s practices. Julio González is a Barcelona-based artist whose work transcends materialistic boundaries and represents the great transformation experienced by art in the era of the avant-gardes. Ignacio Pinazo’s new exhibition explores public space and the study of light and movement. Teresa Lanceta’s exhibition uses textiles as a form of artistic expression and features a number of impressive tapestries, paintings and drawings. Finally, Ana Penvas and Alba Herrero’s exhibition entitled ‘In a house’ explores domestic labour against the backdrop of the social and political conditions of the last century.

Admission to the museum costs 5€ and it is open every day of the week bar Mondays. It is free admission all day on Sundays and from 4pm to 7pm on Wednesdays. Visit IVAM to explore the ideas and principles that have shaped contemporary artistic discourses.

Report by Imogen Hockings

Article copyright ‘24/7 Valencia’

IVAM photo copyright Imogen Hockings/ ’24/7 Valencia’



Address: C/ de Guillem de Castro, 118, 46003 València, Valencia

Tlf. 963 17 66 00


Opening hours:

Monday- Closed

Tuesday- 10AM-7PM

Wednesday- 10AM-7PM

Thursday- 10AM-7PM

Friday- 10AM-8PM

Saturday- 10AM-7PM

Sunday- 10AM-7PM


For more information on Asger Jorn’s new exhibition:

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