24/7 VALENCIA: Can you tell us more about your library?

LA BATISFERA: La Batisfera’ international bookstore is an open and inclusive space, aware of the place it occupies in a barrio as dynamic and multicultural as ‘El Cabanyal’ by the sea. Incidentally, the name in English would be ‘Bathysphere’, which is defined as “a manned spherical chamber for deep-sea observation, lowered by cable from a ship.”

The bookstore has a large collection of second-hand books as we believe it is not always necessary to continue reprinting books that already have thousands and thousands of beautiful copies in circulation. We have  a careful selection of new books, with  particular emphasis on contemporary literature, essays, cultural studies and the arts. There is also a children’s section with books for all ages, with the emphasis on compilations and illustrated books.

The ‘Batisfera’ bookstore has an extensive collection of titles in Spanish, English and French, and a selection of titles in Italian and Valenciano that is constantly growing. Thus by offering second-hand books from just one euro, we seek to be accessible to the largest number of people possible…regarding those who live and visit Cabanyal. Finally, the cultural offer of   ‘La Batisfera’ bookstore can be enjoyed with our agenda, full of events that are always free and open to the public: concerts, book presentations, talks, screenings, performances and more.


24/7 VALENCIA: Can you tell us more about the Bar-Cafeteria of ‘La Batisfera’?

LA BATISFERA: ‘La Batisfera’ is an international coffee shop that opened its doors on October 2018 in the Cabanyal neighborhood, just 5 minutes from the beach. In our humble opinion, this is a perfect & wonderful place to immerse yourself in reading books in different languages. You can take advantage of events of all types. This is a corner near to the sea where you can isolate yourself from the daily grind to get your 15 minutes or more of…if  not necessarily fame… sheer enjoyment by simply enjoying good food, Tyris craft beers, wines, coffees, bios, juices, infusions and much more…

The place is divided into two environments that can live together in harmony or separately… proposing different activities; a children’s space, tables of the most varied forms, chairs, stools and a wooden platform make up the stage where music groups of different genres perform every Friday night. Children workshops are held on Sunday mornings, during the week tasting will be organized with the pairing of craft beers and wines. At the cafeteria bar you can enjoy (from Wednesday to Sunday) breakfast, brunches, menus of the day, snacks and dinners. We always try to have a vegetarian dish and, if possible, a vegan choice included.  We are also preparing dishes each day with fresh products.


Report by ’24/7 Valencia’ team

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LA BATISFERA  cafeteria libreria

Calle de la Reina 167: Calle Carlos Ros 32

El Cabanyal



Tel: 962 04 58 45

Tel:96 2045845


For opening hours and more info:

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