Now in Valencia! ‘Lindt & Sprüngli’ strengthens NUXOR, its most innovative product

#NUXOR chocolates have been created by the Lindt Master Chocolatiers to give true chocolate lovers a unique, crunchy and incomparably creamy taste experience.

Lindt NUXOR comes in two varieties, milk chocolate and dark chocolate with whole roasted hazelnuts, and is available as a box of chocolates and in the form of nougat.

This innovation responds to the tastes of Spanish consumers whose preference for chocolate with nuts and nuts and in high percentages has experienced a boom in recent decades.

NUXOR, the latest innovation from Swiss premium chocolate company Lindt & Sprüngli, has been winning over Spanish consumers for a year with its perfect combination of creamy milk chocolate and dark chocolate with crunchy whole roasted hazelnuts. Its winning formula has meant that the company, in line with its goal of continuing to offer consumers innovative products that respond to their tastes and preferences, has decided to continue its commitment to consolidating NUXOR, an unrivalled taste experience that, with Christmas just around the corner, will become the ideal companion during this special festive season.

“NUXOR is a unique product aimed at an adult audience looking for new pleasure experiences, with the unique taste of exquisite Lindt chocolate. During this first year of launch, consumers have appreciated this innovation with an outstanding reception. We wanted them to find something unexpected, and they have,” say Lindt sources. More and more Spaniards are opting to eat chocolate with nuts and dried fruit.

The chocolate with the highest percentage of hazelnuts on the market

NUXOR chocolates are made with high quality ingredients by Lindt’s Master Chocolatiers following the traditional Italian gianduia recipe, which mixes chocolate with ground hazelnuts to achieve a creamy finish, in addition to the crunchy touch provided by the whole roasted hazelnuts. NUXOR chocolates have the highest percentage of hazelnuts on the market: 41% in the milk chocolate variety and 36% in the dark chocolate variety.

The NUXOR range can be found in Lindt shops, supermarkets and official Lindt points of sale, in a 165g box of chocolates and in the form of 200g nougat.

Two NUXOR varieties:

NUXOR milk chocolate and whole hazelnuts, and NUXOR dark chocolate and whole hazelnuts.

Format: 165g box of chocolates and 200g nougat.

RECOMMENDED RRP: 5,49€ (Cornet) / 5,99€ (Nougat)

Report by 24/7 Valencia team

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