##Sundays need not be boring; whilst it is true that most shops are closed in Spain on this ‘rest’ day, plenty of other entertainment can be found, especially in the fun mix of bars and restaurants in Valencia. Lolita Cocktail Bar is one of such places that offers regular events on the weekends. Located in the heart of the el Carmen area, it can be found just a minute’s walk away from Valencia Cathedral. ’24/7 Valencia’ was invited to experience an evening at this elegant yet lively bar.

Before things even get started, the place is buzzing with an excited energy as guests are greeted and shown to their tables. (It should be noted that prior booking is advised, as places are limited and Covid restrictions are in place.) Jesus, the efficient and welcoming owner of Lolita Cocktail Bar, is at the front door himself – mask on and infrared thermometer in hand. As you go inside, a whirlwind of movement wakes up any sleepy Sunday blues. All of the smartly-dressed staff move swiftly, taking orders for drinks and getting guests settled in.

The décor inside is chic but cosy with art-deco details in the furnishings and decorations around the room. The rounded geometry on the walls is offset by twinkling glass and stylish light fittings. Despite the glam surroundings, the people are friendly and there is an anticipatory buzz as everyone settles in for the evening’s entertainment: a comedy cabaret with singing, dancing, and loads of sass. The event is named ‘CITA CON LA DIVA’, or ‘DATE WITH THE DIVA’, and both acts (including local drag queen, Liz Dust) certainly live up to the name in their performances. Hilarious and spirited, the divas flirt and joke with the audience and give us dramatic renditions of Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance and Olivia Newton-John’s Hopelessly Devoted To You.

Meanwhile, Jesus and his staff continue to serve popcorn and drinks as they dart gracefully from tables to the bar. The cocktails look exquisite; pretty pink cosmopolitans, mint-garnished mojitos, and perfectly-frosted margaritas are placed on the small round tables. I sampled their espresso martini, which was a delicious treat presented with a slice of dried orange perched on top – a fun little Valencian twist, perhaps.

The evening proceeds with plenty of cheers and laughter, and the soul of Lolita Cocktail Bar shines through as it does what it does best – host lively performances and deliver exquisite cocktails. Overall, the night was fun and the atmosphere was spirited; you can catch more of these events by checking the bar’s social media pages.

Report by Jackie Lui
‘Lolita Cocktail Bar’ photos copyright Jackie Lui / 24/7 Valencia
Article copyright 24/7 Valencia

C/ Santo Cáliz, 7 (near Cathedral)

Tel: 633 87 73 49

Thursday 16h – 24.00h
Friday 16h -24.00h
Saturday 12h – 24.00h
Sunday 16h – 24.00h

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