Mahou uses fire as a metaphor to express the intensity with which Valencians live their lives during the festivities of Fallas. In charge of the campaign’s graphic design is tot.palace, the studio of Valencian designer Ausias Pérez. They have combined typographic designs with modern thermographic photographs to illustrate the internal fire generated when giving a passionate kiss, a hug between friends or a celebratory toast. These designs can be found on sweatshirts, caps, socks, or fanny packs raffled by the brand during these celebrations. From March 1st-15th, participants can enter the pin numbers found on the Mahou Cinco Estrellas bottlenecks on their website to win these garments, allowing you to wear your best look and spend the whole day enjoying the streets!

Las Fallas is Valencia’s most internationally recognised festival, and it truly reflects the personality of Valencians: creative, vital, passionate…and noisy and with a lot of character. These virtues define the essence of this unique moment and Mahou wanted to pay tribute to in its latest campaign. With emotions, traditions and personalities prevailing during Fallas, Mahou is committed to fire as a symbolic element. It depicts not only the tradition but also the attitude that connects the essence of a city that lives its festivities with great intensity. Their slogan “Encontrarnos es el fuego que nunca se apaga”, which translates to “Meeting is the fire that never goes out”, invites us to come together and experience the things that light up our smiles and to live for the special moments. Passion and intensity is symbolised by a fire, provoking a multitude of unexpected and memorable situations!

Report by Sabina Redfern

Article Copyright 24/7 Valencia

More information: www.mahou.es/nos-encontramos-en-fallas

Check out their YouTube campaign: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kosyKEtsOIw

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