The Valencian painter opened an exhibition  this December at ‘Casino Rock’ surrounded by more than a hundred friends and still lifes of lemons, pomegranates, figs, grapes, olives and more.  “Lo Nuestro” are still lifes of lemons, pomegranates, figs, grapes, olives or ficus leaves in the form of postmodern pop and with the intention of putting value on the fruits of nature. “Lo Nuestro” is the exhibition of the Valencian painter María García de la Riva that opened yesterday in the exhibition space of Casino Rock at the Real Sociedad Valenciana de Agricultura y Deportes. The Agriculture Casino opens once again to exhibitions of local artists to support Valencian painting.

Garcia de la Riva has chosen in this monographic show to pay an iconographic tribute to Nature through what it gives us, putting in value its fruits with a marked pop colorful character. The play of lights and shadows, the studied valuation of contrast in a painting genuinely own, fresh and current defines this painter who leaves her imprint full of color and sensuality by turning that warm, bright, hedonistic, sensual and saturated tones and very luminous.

“If Warhol coldly describes the mechanisms of dehumanization practiced by the mass media, María García de la Riva humanizes them.” This is how scholar Juan Ángel Blasco describes his work, emphasizing that for her, each painting is a challenge because “it does not seek provocation, rejection or even surprise, but seduction.”

María García de la Riva has numerous exhibitions in outstanding salas and museums of our city, such as the Parpalló or the Palau de la Música, not forgetting many others from the rest of Spain as well as in particular collections in Italy, Germany, France, England, Argentina, the United States and Venezuela.


Brothers Andrés and Mario Hidalgo left Andalusia to travel to Madrid and now return to their native Valencia to an emblematic place, the Real Sociedad Valenciana de Agricultura y Deportes, better known as Casino de Agricultura. C/ Comedias  is where passion, tradition and fusion work. With the opening of Casino Rock, the traditional Mediterranean cuisine, that of a lifelong home, is combined with the Hosper oven, Asian touches, the travelling cocktail bar and a premium service.

Gathering  Valencians from eleven in the morning will be easy thanks to the renovated space, with a spacious living room and a cozy dining room, which will receive those coffees with newspapers, snacks that end in dips, rice so ours or American cocktails at the bar. During the week, the menus will bring together price, quality and the flavor of a lifetime to make way for those more special celebrations with which we like to entertain family and friends in the Casino Rock Privé area.

Casino Rock is a space to enjoy the Mediterranean diet that respects the product but knows how to have fun with nods to Asian cuisine and fusion. It is a club with traditional service, in a cool environment where the market and market product, meat and fish made with real coals or spoon dishes will all be served with care and elegance. Squid and cauliflower rice, electric melon soup, pulled pork fideuá, savannah burrito, artichokes sautéed on chicken breast are just a few examples.


The Royal Valencian Society of Agriculture and Sports, better known as Casino de Agricultura, is located in an emblematic building in the center of the city, which has been and will be the meeting point of the Valencian socio-economic and cultural world. Linked at its birth to the Royal Economic Society of Friends of the Country, it continues with numerous cultural activities in addition to having social correspondences with 60 clubs in Spain and 40 abroad. This means that, if you are a member of the Casino of Agriculture of Valencia you are also a member of prestigious clubs throughout Spain and in more than 40 countries. It has private partners and companies that are located in the headquarters of C/ Comedias , a meeting point, as well as meeting rooms, conferences and different services.

Restaurant ‘Casino Rock’, Casino de Agricultura

Carrer de les Comèdies, 12



963 51 71 42

Menu every day from 13.00h -16.30h for 20€ (dessert and drink included). Friday to Sunday (lunch) is 25€

Thursdays / Fridays/ Saturdays/ carta from 19.30h to 23.30h


Report by ’24/7 Valencia’ team

Article copyright ‘24/7 Valencia’

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