On Tuesday 25th October, ‘Mi Cub’ presented their new dish of the Autumn season. In line with its annual ‘Four Seasons of the Terreta’ tradition, a new recipe is birthed upon the arrival of every new season using locally sourced ingredients and prepared by expert chefs. The star of this new recipe is the pumpkin which used to make a sauce that is drizzled over artisan meatballs (created by Teo Garay Varea) and topped off with a hint of blue cheese.

‘Mi Cub’, located in the corner of Mercado Colón, is the only place in the market that uses products purchased from local suppliers. Their famous meatballs come from a meat company located within the market and of course the pumpkins are sourced from the Fina Fruit and Vegetable stall. Food influencer, Mar Bellver, better known by her Instagram handle @foodiction.vlc, was responsible for the creation of this unique recipe, an interesting spin on a classic dish. Anabel Navas explains, “We needed a dish like our mothers make but with that chic and different touch”, and this newest creation certainly achieves that perfect blend of tradition and innovation.

Upon arrival, a long table at the front of the restaurant is set up with a beautifully arranged mix of ingredients that are incorporated into the dish: pumpkins, blue cheese, beef, onions, garlic and of course a couple of bottles of the famous ‘Turia’ beer which must be enjoyed alongside the dish.

When everyone is seated, Mar Bellver begins to explain the magic behind this new creation. The recipe, although gourmet in flavour, can be achieved by almost anyone as it only requires a few simple ingredients that can be found in most people’s homes. She explains the blend of pumpkin with cream to create the sauce:

“The sweet flavour of pumpkin, autumn’s star ingredient, adds a creaminess to each mouthful that contrasts with the powerful flavour of the blue cheese. A contrast that turns a basic recipe into a gourmet one.”

I sit with the junior manager of ‘Mi Cub’ who is happy to elaborate. He explains how these kinds of meatballs, 50% pork and 50% beef, are a staple amongst the recipes of many Valencian mothers and grandmothers and how they are usually made with a tomato sauce. When the time arrives for us to taste the dish our lively conversation is brought to an abrupt halt as we are left stunned and speechless by the overwhelming flavour packed into just one mouthful. The meatballs are tender, their flavour mild enough to allow the pumpkin sauce to shine through but by no means bland. The hint of blue cheese is just enough to cut through the slight sweetness of the pumpkin. Scrambling to gather a sentence to describe the dish, we laugh as we realise that we simply do not have enough words – “in English or in Spanish!” We settle on ‘maravilloso’, wonderful.

Meatballs with pumpkin sauce and blue cheese will now become a part of the ‘Mi Cub’ menu so if you want to try this gourmet autumnal dish, make your way down to Mercado Colón and experience the magic for yourself.



‘Mi Cub’

Mercado Colón

Carrer de Jorge Juan, 19, 46004 València


Report by Shemaiah Rose

Article copyright 24/7 Valencia

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