VIPS: WOW!: the spectacular new VIPS burgers you weren’t expecting are here!

– VIPS has renewed its menu with the launch of WOW Burgers and unveils the new Burratísima, Vegan Burger, Benedict and Chic Chicken BBQ.

Combining the juiciest meat with the flavour of burrata, a new 100% vegan burger based on quinoa and carrot or a reinterpretation of the famous ‘Eggs Benedict’ in burger form, this is something we had not seen coming! The launch of the new VIPS hamburgers has taken its customers by surprise and with good reason. With an exquisite look and incredible combinations of flavours, the new VIPS burgers are to eat until you say: WOW!

The VIPS burgers that nobody expected will make the mouth water for lovers of this dish and they are already here with proposals that are as irresistible as they are daring. From the most innovative concepts to traditional flavours for lovers of the classic, the new VIPS proposal is a tribute to this gastronomic delight.

‘Burratísima’ is one of VIPS’ most innovative proposals: with creamy burrata, crispy Iberian shoulder, Tuscan pesto and sundried tomato, it is totally inspired by Mediterranean gastronomy. Accompanied by a choice of garnish and chimichurri mayonnaise sauce. Delicious!

VIPS is also launching a vegan burger with its new ‘Vegan Burger’, made from quinoa, carrot and leek with delicious sweet chilli sauce and tasty ingredients such as avocado and roasted peppers. If you had any excuse left to come to VIPS… now you don’t!

VIPS also surprises with the new ‘Benedict’* with beef, fried egg, hollandaise sauce, crispy bacon and cheddar cheese, on toasted brioche bread with two sesame seeds. A reinterpretation of the classic Eggs Benedict, now in burger form and with an incredible flavour.

VIPS has also incorporated the new ‘Chic Chicken BBQ’ with irresistible crispy chicken combined with its chipotle BBQ sauce on tomato, lettuce, gherkin and bacon sauce on toasted brioche bread with two sesame seeds. Perfect for true barbecue lovers.

Enjoy them now at all VIPS and VIPS Smart*!

* Hamburger Benedict not available at VIPS Smart.

Click this link to find your nearest ‘VIPS’  in Valencia:

Report by ’24/7 Valencia’ team

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About VIPS:
VIPS is a restaurant brand that offers a wide variety of international cuisine dishes for all tastes with extensive opening hours, 365 days a year. Its quick service version, VIPS Smart, offers a selection of the most iconic VIPS dishes ordered and served at the counter, maintaining the brand’s characteristic quality and presentation. Having celebrated its 50th anniversary and with more than 135 restaurants throughout Spain, VIPS is a benchmark in the Spanish restaurant sector.


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