LINDT: Lindt & Sprüngli launches NUXOR, its new brand of chocolates for 2021.

They are the chocolates with the highest percentage of hazelnuts on the market.

– This new brand from Lindt has two varieties, milk chocolate and dark chocolate gianduia with whole hazelnuts, and is available in chocolate box format and nougat shape.

– With this innovation, the Swiss premium chocolate company responds to the tastes of Spanish consumers whose preference for chocolate with nuts and in high percentages has experienced a boom in recent decades…

– True to its commitment to delight chocolate lovers with new and surprising flavors, Lindt & Sprüngli is also launching special editions for this Christmas under its iconic brand Lindt LINDOR.
Chocolates and nougat are two of the essential sweets on every Christmas table. In order to continue offering innovative products that respond to the tastes and preferences of consumers, Lindt & Sprüngli launches its new brand of chocolates NUXOR, dark chocolate and milk chocolate made with whole hazelnuts.

“Innovation is part of our company’s DNA. Our Master Chocolatiers have surprised us once again, making a unique product with a winning combination: gianduia chocolate in combination with whole hazelnuts”, says the Marketing Director of Lindt & Sprüngli in Iberia, Alicia Gatius. The fact is that more and more Spaniards are opting for the consumption of chocolate with nuts.

NUXOR chocolates are made with high quality ingredients following the traditional Italian recipe gianduia, which mixes chocolate with ground hazelnuts, which achieves a great creaminess in its final finish, in addition to the crunchy touch provided by whole hazelnuts. These are the chocolates with the highest percentage of hazelnuts on the market: 41% in the milk chocolate variety and 36% in the dark chocolate variety.

The NUXOR range is now available – in Lindt’s own stores, supermarkets and official sales outlets – in the 165g chocolate box format and in the form of nougat, so distinctive of this Christmas period.

Lindt & Sprüngli also surprises with special editions 2021…

In order to continue creating unique and special moments to enjoy with the family, the Swiss premium chocolate company launches, under its iconic brand Lindt LINDOR, new flavours and special editions.

The LINDOR Dulce de Leche bonbon – the sweetest and most irresistible fusion – together with the LINDOR bonbon with a smooth milk chocolate and pistachio heart coating are the two protagonists of this Christmas, which join the 16 irresistible flavours that the brand already has, such as milk chocolate, milk chocolate and hazelnuts, dark chocolate 60% cocoa, dark chocolate 70% or white chocolate, among others.

Also, be aware of the importance of being this Christmas closer than ever to our loved ones and families, Lindt & Sprüngli has completed its range of LINDOR gifts with new formats that include a selection of the best chocolates and chocolates, as well as three exclusive designs of cans inspired by the cities of Rome, New York and Paris.

New products by Lindt & Sprüngli for the Christmas holidays

• Bombones NUXOR de chocolate with milk and entire hazelnuts and black chocolate)
Formato: Caja de bombones de 165 gr. y turrón de 200 gr.
PVP RECOMMENDED: 4,99€ / 6,99€

• Bombón LINDOR Dulce de Leche
Formato: Caja de bombones 200 gr.
PVP R: 5,49€

• Bombón LINDOR Pistacho -exclusive to supermercados Carrefour-
Formato: Caja de bombones 200 gr.
PVP R: 5,49€

• Surtido bombón LINDOR (chocolate with milk, black chocolate 60% cocoa and chocolate with mik and hazelnuts)
Formato: Caja de bombones 200 gr.
PVP R: 5,49€

• Edición especial Lindt ciudades (Rome, New York & París)
Formato: lata de 250 gr.
PVP R: 9,99€

• LINDOR Celebration Box (chocolate with milk, black chocolate 60%, white chocolate, chocolate with hazelnuts)
Formato: 324 gr.
PVP R: 9,99€

• Calcetín LINDT – exclusive to supermercados El Corte Inglés-
Formato: Calcetín Navidad 225 gr.
PVP R: 9,99€

Interview by 24/7 Valencia team

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