##¿New in the city? Here you have some basic and very useful tips to survive in Valencia!
SOS! Survival Kit

¿Cómo se dice en español “house”? | How do you say “house” in Spanish?
The answer is “casa”.
¿Puedes repetir? | Can you repeat?
Más despacio, por favor | Slowly, please
No comprendo, no hablo español | I don’t understand, I don’t speak Spanish
¿Hablas ingles? | Do you speak English?
¿Puedes ayudarme? | Can you help me?
Estoy buscando… | I’m looking for…
And of course… Una cerveza, por favor | A beer, please

Hola, ¿que tal? | Hello, how are you?
Me llamo… | My name is…
Buenos días, buenas tardes, buenas noches | Good morning, good afternoon, good night
Adiós, hasta luego | Bye, see you later
Being Polite
Muchas gracias | Thank you very much
De nada | You’re welcome
Por favor | Please
¿Puedo? | May I?
Perdón, Lo siento | Sorry

Restaurants and Bars. Basic general information you need to know and some specific coffee and beer survival information
La cuenta, por favor | The check, please
¿Cuánto es? | How much is it?
¿Me pone una cerveza, por favor? | A beer, please
¿Puedo pagar en efectivo/con tarjeta? | Can I pay in cash/with a card?
La carta, por favor | The menu, please
Very Important!
There are three different types of coffee:
Café con leche | Coffee with milk, large size
Cortado | Coffee with milk, small size
Café solo | Espresso
And different ways of asking for a beer!
Un tercio | Typical glass bottle, like a Heineken
Un quinto | Typical glass bottle, like a Heineken, but smaller size
Una caña (en barril) | small draught beer
Un doble (en barril) | half-pint draught beer

In the City—necessary if you have no GPS
¿Dónde está la parada de autobus/taxi/metro/tranvía? | Where is the bus/taxi/metro/tram stop?
¿Para llegar a…? | How can I get to…?
¿Está cerca/lejos? | Is it near/far?
Todo recto, a la izquierda, a la derecho | Straight ahead, to the left, to the right
Estoy perdido/perdida | I am lost
Un billete de ida / de vuelta / de ida y vuelte | single ticket, return ticket
Una habitación doble | A double room
Una habitación individual | A single room
Common Tourist Mistakes! Try to avoid them!
Don’t drink café con leche after dinner.
Paella is only for lunch-time.
Share the bill in equal parts after meals in restaurants.
Careful with bars and restaurants located in touristy areas (they are more expensive). Try to choose ones where there are more Spaniards.
Pay attention to meal times:
Lunch: 14.00h-16.00h
Dinner: 20.30h-23.30h

Visit museums and monuments on Sunday. Most of them for free then!

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