This is the life. Sitting on a terraza in the summer sun, got my chilled Alhambra beer, browsing the ‘El País’ newspaper before savouring a tasty homemade tortilla & tomato bocadillo. On a lazy day like today, it ain’t such a bad way to pass the time in Valencia. The terrace is just one of the reasons for spending quality time at Rivendel Resto-Bar, which is easy to find & just a few minutes walk from Plaza Ayuntamiento…

The service is friendly and informed with a cosmopolitan mix of Spanish, Argentinean and French staff who all enjoy their food, travel, music and film. Martin & Julia are the brother and sister team who set up Rivendel Resto-Bar in 2003 and this year is their 19th anniversary.

On and off we have been chilling at Rivendel Resto-Bar for a fair number of years, having seen it evolve into a culturally active and open-minded bar now with international cuisine and a healthy cross-mix of ages and nationalities. It’s a lovely setting, set in the historic C/ Hospital, making it pleasant and perfect for people watching as the characters stroll by. The extensive terraza faces the pedestrian street ( no noisy cars!) making for a mellow atmosphere.

On the other side of C/ Hospital is the famous Biblioteca Pública Valencia, giving you a spacious view from the terraza, which adds to the relaxed and studenty vibe of the area. This member of the ’24/7 Valencia’ team has noted that there has always been a positive vibe about the area over the years and it’s interesting to know that the Public Library of Valencia was once a hospital run by nuns who would nurse and adopt the unwanted babies that were annoymously left on the doorsteps…

At Rivendel Resto-Bar, there’s a good selection of cultural events to enjoy every month here. Indoors there is a sala for Film nights, always in original version and their well-known Silent films evenings, often with live musicians accompanying, making for an original and different type of evening out. About twice a month there are live music gigs too, featuring original artists from the local scene. They sometimes have an illustrator’s competition (a drawing fight), that draws a good crowd! Check for cultural events on their highly popular ‘Rivendel RestoBar’ Facebook page…

The cuisine is varied with Mediterranean, Argentinean, French and Asian influences making for an ever-changing menu del dia, between Monday and Friday, that is worth exploring. Their carta is in both Spanish & English. There is a good range of healthy salads, a small but good value list of red and white wines as well as a few choice Gin and Tonics too. Tasty tapas include homemade chicken croquettes, Russian salad and their popular Bravas. Their Tostas (using pan artesenal) include ‘Big Fish’ (Philadelphia cheese, avocado, salmon and caviar) and the lovely Lechuzina (Eggplant, goats cheese, caramelized onion and wine sauce).

Their desserts include a homemade cake of the day and we were fortunate to savour a blackberry cheesecake the last time we went and spent a couple of hours chilling out there. You can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner here. Sunshine, good food, pleasant company, an interesting cultural agenda and a relaxing environment. If you haven’t been before, ‘Rivendel Resto-Bar’ is waiting to be discovered…

Report by 24/7 Valencia team

Article copyright ’24/7 Valencia’

C/ Hospital, 18
Tel: 96 392 32 08
(Zona Centro)
See their facebook page for opening and closing hours.
Free WiFi

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