##1.Tell us something about your background, travels and experiences…Our names are Liany and Luis. We’ve lived in many different countries like Venezuela, Portugal, the Netherlands and the USA before arriving in Spain. When we arrived in Valencia we decided to open a coffee shop, where we would be serving delicious coffees, cakes and all sorts of wonderful teas. To our surprise, we noticed that even though Spain might be considered a “coffee country” we were selling more tea than café in our coffee shop in Ruzafa! Eight years later, in 2016, we opened D TES MAGATZEM boutique as a natural development from the original Coffee shop idea.

2. What is the philosophy behind D TES MAGATZEM? Our philosophy is to bring to this corner of Valencia one of the largest collections of delicious teas from different parts of the world. Which countries? Especially from mysterious China, exotic India and traditional Japan. We have added a section of teas brought from Granada (Spain), a place associated for centuries with the culture of tea.

3. Could you explain what products you can find here? Not only do we have more than 75 types of tea but we are constantly increasing the variety with new surprises. We also have a wide variety of beautiful teapots and a wide selection of practical accessories. Come into our shop and we hope you’ll be transported & have a wonderful and soothing experience.

4. Please tell our readers about your ‘Gourmet Products’ We have added a new section in our shop with GOURMET PRODUCTS from different corners of the Valencia community. From delicious jams (pumpkin, onion, tomatoes) and marmalades to aromatic and tasteful vinegars with chilli, lemon or orange. Delicious infused EXTRA VIRGIN olive oils, honeys, and an incredible variety of chocolates and fruit preserves. This is ideal if you are planning to go back home abroad and take a bit of Valencia with you for this holiday season.

5. What are your plans? To be able to have in Ruzafa a little corner for tea lovers and those searching for a little taste of Valencia. We’d really love to see you!!! We are located in the cosmopolitan & creative barrio of Ruzafa.

Calle Cuba 43, Bajos.
Valencia 46006
Movil: 619 04 87 76
Zona Ruzafa

Our business hours are Monday to Saturday
From 10.30 am to 2.30 pm and afternoons from 5.30pm to 9pm
Email: DTESMAGATZEM@gmail.com

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