A cultural celebration spanning two weeks in Emperador, Valencia will take place from June 20 to July 5 as a dedication to the ‘Way of the Holy Grail’. This ‘cultural fortnight’ will strongly emphasise the significance of Emperador’s recognition along the route as a European Cultural Itinerary. The fortnight will celebrate the role that Emperador has played as a cultural hub on the path of the Holy Grail from Jerusalem to Valencia. Located in the l’Horta Nord region of Valencia, the municipality offers a number of services that support travellers on their route by foot, bicycle, horseback or motor vehicle during the pilgrimage. Because of this, the community wishes to give the municipality the recognition it deserves within the Holy Grail Route, the Route of Knowledge and the Route of Peace.

During this cultural fortnight, different activities related to the European Cultural Itinerary and to the profile of visitors who travel this route today have been planned.

 Exhibition and audiovisuals of Naples – Rome 2023

Visitors can immerse themselves in an exhibition experiencing the Way of the Holy Grail in Naples and Rome. Guests will be able to see a series of images in cardboard support as well as the option to view audiovisual material showing the experience of a group of local residents making the Way of the Holy Grail as a European Cultural Itinerary. This exhibition is a commitment to show the reality of this path in different Italian cities.

Geolocation of fountains and service elements

Current technologies allow those who make use of these fountains and services to locate these, as these services can be of vital importance on a pilgrimage route. This element draws attention to water points provided as a solution to those who are travelling on the pilgrimage and need to hydrate themselves along the way.

Why is this all important?

The Way of the Holy Grail is a historical route that crosses Europe, specifically a route that runs from Naples to Rome in Italy, crosses the Alps, through Toulouse and finally reaches Somport. From there, following the Way of the Holy Grail through Aragon, it reaches the Cathedral of Valencia, where the Holy Grail rests.

According to the tradition that is still alive today, it has been travelled by people since the mid-first century (in its first section from Jerusalem to Rome) and from the third century to the present day (from Rome to Osca, Hispania). Now, thanks to the work of the Cultural Association The Way of the Holy Grail is being nominated to achieve the distinction awarded by the Council of Europe in the category of European Cultural Itinerary.

This nomination not only promotes cultural tourism in the areas along the route, like Emperador, but also helps to preserve its historical and artistic heritage. In addition, the distinction can be an important opportunity for the economic development of the localities along the route.

The development of this support and dissemination of activity is great news for the Way of the Holy Grail and for those travellers who are eager to discover new routes and cultural experiences throughout Europe.

Turismo Comunitat Valenciana are responsible for the initiative’s development, alongside help from the municipal corporation of the Emperador Town Hall and all the national and international associations that support this initiative.

 Report by Emily Bray

Article copyright ‘24/7 Valencia’

Asociación Cultural El Camino del Santo Grial


Carrer del Mar, 42
46130 Massamagrell

Tel: (0034) 607 31 51 81


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