Valencia City Council collaborates with the Cultural Association The Way of the Holy Grail

Valencia has an interpretation centre of the Holy Chalice of the Cathedral of Valencia and the Way of the Holy Grail in Jubilee Year.

Thanks to the union of synergies between Emiliano García (councillor for tourism and president of Fundació Visit València), Antonio Bernabé (managing director of Fundació Visit València), Dr. Ana Mafé García (president of the Cultural Association The Way of the Holy Grail) and Alicia Palazón (content director of Aula Grial) this cultural space is inaugurated to welcome pilgrims.

At the inauguration they were all present in addition to Don Álvaro Almenar Picallo, Custodian Custodian of the Holy Chalice of the Cathedral of Valencia who has valued very positively this union between the members of the association and the City Council of Valencia.

In groups of up to four, people have made the appropriate statements to the media stressing the importance of Valencia being a city that welcomes pilgrims.

It is worth mentioning the presence of Fran Contreras writer, researcher, expert walker and disseminator of the Camino de Santiago. He has travelled to Valencia to collaborate with the Association and give voice to the Camino del Santo Grial in the different areas in which he currently works.

From Aragon, Mrs. Rebeca Ruiz (responsible for Jacetania Express) also came to the reopening of Aula Grial, vice-president of the Association, as well as Mr. Jesús Gimeno, secretary of the Association and councillor of Citizens in the City Council of Massamagrell.

Thanks to AULA GRIAL pilgrims, onlookers, visitors and Valencians themselves will have the opportunity to learn about the history of this sacred relic.

Family pilgrimage to the centre is one of the bets of the Cultural Association The Way of the Holy Grail to try to alleviate the situation in the shops in the centre.

According to Mafé, “the pandemic only allows things to be done as a family, so let’s go to the centre as a family to get to know our heritage and to collaborate with the local economy including shops and restaurants”.

Among the new development opportunities for the Valencian Community, says Dr. Mafé, “we believe that the implementation of the European project of the Way of the Holy Grail should be on the agenda of the Government’s recovery plan because it will provide work for more than 500 families over the next three years”.

This international megaproject (which includes shelters, signage, cultural activities and much more) is a great opportunity for Valencia.

Report by 24/7 Valencia team

Carrer dels Cabillers, 6-12

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