The acclaimed exhibition ‘Van Gogh Alive’ has arrived for the first time in Valencia  until October 20th. The artist’s work comes alive in a unique multi-media experience, which has reaped public and critical success in 45 cities around the world. More than 3,000 images and animated graphics cover walls and floors composing a symphony of light, colour and sound. For more than a century, Vincent Van Gogh’s works have been exhibited in the most prestigious museums of the world.

In Valencia, this multi-dimensional exhibition is organised by ‘Nomad Art and Grande Exhibitions’.

It is not a typical art exhibition and, of course, it is far from the conventional visit to a museum of wandering silently through the different rooms…

Visitors are surrounded by the genius of the Dutch painter in an immersive way and they are invited to explore art from a new and surprisingly different point of view, which stimulates all the senses. That makes a perfect cultural proposal for all audiences, from those who already appreciate his art to those who are discovering the artist’s work for the first time. Adults and children can equally enjoy an experience that combines Van Gogh’s artistic genius with a truly interactive experience…

From the beginning of the visit until the end, the public is surrounded by  powerful and vibrant lights, colours and sounds that invite you to immerse yourself in an unforgettable journey. Thanks to innovative  SENSORY4™ technology, Van Gogh’s work comes alive on the walls, columns and even the floors in an intense mix of sensations.

Definitely worth a visit!


Click on this link for video:


24/7 Valencia team



Until October 20th 


Plaza Ayuntamiento, 18

46002 Valencia


Hours: Monday to Sunday. 09.00h -22h

Adults: 12€-14€

Childern under 4 years old:Free entry

Children from 4 years of age to 15 years of age: 9€

Disabled: 9€

Students/ Unemployed/ Accredited Pensioners: 10€-12€


More information at:

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