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Tell us something about your experience in the digital world

My name is Teresa Méndez Dasca and i am a graphic designer and founder of Reciclart Studio. I specialize in web pages, virtual shops, blogs, and digital design in general as well as being a community manager for social networks and web host. My background is very much in the arts, I have an Arts degree from la Escuela de Artesanos of Valencia. 2 years later, I gained a diploma in Ilustración Artística in la Escuela de Artes y Oficios de Valencia. Finally, i did a course at Universidad de Bellas Artes de la UPV and after 5 years qualified, specialising in Graphic Design. Why do I design web pages? When I finished my education I wasn’t really sure what I was going to do and I started to work in my family’s own business, where I learnt from my father who  made web pages. 10 years later, I am the one teaching him about web pages for mobile phones and tablets, doing so with positioning via SEO, Google Tools for Webmaster, Google Analytics and Social Networks in general.

The great thing about working in the design world is that you enter a large field: graphic design, editorial design, corporate design, advertising design, digital design and illustration. Our clients trust in us because we take on the task of developing their ideas, creating them, and designing them with the aim of their making their project unique and highlighting the competition.

How does the new web page WWW.247VALENCIA.COM work?

The website of 24/7 Valencia is characterized by its own subjects as an informative magazine with current news about events, festivals and so on in the Valencia Community, focusing on the foreign community of English Speakers especially. For this motive we have decided to work with the WordPress platform, the best option for a digital magazine due its simplicity and optimization regarding content, making it easy to use for the ‘24/7 Valencia team’ to add articles.

This website is not merely a blog but it is also a directory where the visitor can see with just one visit what is going on in Valencia 24 hours a day and seven days a week, where to dine out and what museum to visit, making things that much easier to find their way around the city.

What are the web page’s contents?

The website is divided into 9 categories: ART; GASTRONOMY; HEALTH, MUSIC, NIGHTLIFE, PLACES TO VISIT, POPULAR FESTIVALS and SPORT. The contents are updated daily and feature different writers with different points of view, exclusive interviews and more…

We also have a directory so that visitors can geographically locate the bars, art galleries, and places of general interest

24/7 VALENCIA is now a great digital magazine and it is up and running!


Diseño Gráfico & Web
Tel. 650 85 46 53

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