1. Tell us something about your background and experiences.

My name is Sirio. I was born in Valencia but I grew up on the Island of Ibiza. Since childhood I have been interested in increasing one’s own personal development, and to understand the complexities of people’s motives in life, both internal and external. I soon started to learn about astrology, the tarot, numerology and the interpretation of dreams.

I was fortunate enough to have an enlightened father who was a chemist and astrological alchemist. He taught me from a young age to think about symbols and always to seek knowledge and the real truth and to be skeptical of socially accepted beliefs and not to accept them without analyzing them thoroughly.

He explained to me about theosophy, alchemy, and the works of Gurdieff, Alice Bailey and H.Blavatsky. They all made me think about planetary consciousness, the stars, and plants, entities from other dimensions and about the relation between the different worlds of consciousness. My thirst for knowledge has meant that I have never stopped trying to learn about many types of alternative therapies and to increase my spiritual knowledge.

2. What is the yoga that you practice and teach and what are its benefits?

I was trained in Kundalini Yoga and I love this type of Yoga. It’s very spiritual. We chant mantras, we practice ‘Breath of Fire’, we awaken an energy that is both devotional and at the same time vital. Kundalini is a thorough practice that works on the chakras of the yoga students. It awakens the consciousness quite quickly; it empowers the creative being that lies inside all of us.
I am also a teacher of Chikung and other disciplines that I combine with Kundalini Yoga. In this sense, my yoga that I sometimes label ‘Creativo-Terapéutico’ includes Chikung exercises, with dynamic exercises for groups and in pairs, so in this way the teaching is both clear and effective.
Benefits? To awaken and balance kundalini energy in all your chakras. Spiritual intelligence, wisdom about the body, peace, vitality, faith in oneself, a silent interior, intuition, a sudden understanding, an increase in the synchronicity in your life. To sum up: physical, emotional and mental health.

3. Can you tell us the new book you have just published?

The book I have just published is called ‘Wisdom and Self-Knowledge via the 4 elements.’ It is written in Spanish. It is about the four astrological elements and asking how they are related to the human character, health, diet, yin & yang, yoga, Taichi, meditation, sport, music, philosophy and films.
What are the needs of soulmates of ‘fire’? When and why do we need ‘earth’ activities? What kind of professions do our astrological charts dispose us to? You can find this out and so much more in this fascinating book about wisdom and self-knowledge, it is written in easy to understand language:
Learn to calculate the virtues and defects of each human being.
Learn which songs and films correspond to which element
Read an interesting analysis of the Astral chart of the mystic Osho and the scientist Albert Einstein.
Discover the real character of many interesting, famous people
Learn to predict the vocation and professional capacity of your children and other adults.
Find out what kind of life and virtues you have come here on earth to develop
Which signs of the zodiac have the most influence on each person?
Test of the book’s contents is included

It is written in Spanish and you can buy it at Centro Uranium on C/Quart 101, bajo and also on

4. What is Astrological Reiki?

Astrological Reiki is a multi-disciplined cleansing System that I have devised. I am a master of Reiki ‘Usui y Unitario’ as well as expert in Astrology and EFT (mental and emotional re-programming). In essence, Astrological Reiki constitutes a powerful combination of Reiki, Astrology and EFT.

It is a very complete therapy, which is developed on seven levels as well as two more levels as a master. You learn to balance the 4 elements, all your chakras, and to understand yourself energetically and psychically, to balance things concerning yourself and your external situation, including how to balance specific energy or to clear energy of a patient at any date in their life. Astrological Reiki is a form of cleansing that is very deep with many tools and with specific capacities. For more information:

5. What other courses are offered in Centro Uranium?

URANIUM is a multidiscipline Centre with Yoga, Massage, Reiki and Alternative Therapies.
We offer different types of wonderful massages: deconstructive, sports, relaxing, energizing and pseudo-tantric (which combines reiki, sound therapy, acupressure, biomagnetic therapy, and the balancing of chakras). We also offer Astrology and Tarot readings not just from the perspective of predicting but also a psychological one.
I enjoy making your path a clearer one, your development in self-knowledge and making the right decisions We also offer Holistic Therapy or Teg (Global Elevation Treatment). Reiki synthesis, bio magnetic therapy, Sound therapy, Kinesiology, EFT, Massage, Bach Flower Remedies, Hugging therapy and Deep Conversation. To sum up, an integral treatment of body, mind and energy. Always with care, wisdom and understanding we accompany individuals and groups on their journey. Uranium is nearly ten years old!!!

6. What is your philosophy of life?

My philosophy is eclectic, personal and transpersonal. I do not follow any one religion, guru or belief system. But I have investigated many systems of knowledge, as much in theory and in practice, and they have all taught me something useful that I have then incorporated into my teachings.
I like to help people recuperate clarity and to love themselves more each day. We are free to experiment in this life!!! To laugh and to play, to love, to kiss, to make love and dance, to sing and contemplate the beauty and wisdom within us and that which surrounds us, opening ourselves up to this life.
Spiritual practices and therapies help us defeat limitations and feelings of guilt and help us believe in ourselves, in people and in life!!! To be at peace with oneself, to know how to be, to love and to accept, that is my main wisdom in life. Come and visit us!

Interview by Owl

Centro Uranium
C/ Quart, 101 bajo
Movil: 676 758 709
Zona Botanico

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