‘El Toro y La Luna’ offers visitors a very memorable evening out, bringing together Spanish cuisine and flamenco music and dance. Their high-quality gastronomy complements the exceptional flamenco performance by a family of artists. A night which tickles all your senses, will treat your tastebuds with delicious food, your sight with expressive dancing, and your ears with rhythmic music. For those who wish to arrive in advance and taste their exquisite menu of Spanish cuisine, doors open at 20:30h. The performance begins at 22:30h, where the family of talented musicians and dancers with more than 80 years of experience (combined) take the stage. The venue is open on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays (times might vary depending on the day you choose to go).

As we entered the vibrant venue, we were greeted by Patricia who gave us a tour of the restaurant and stage. She told us the backstory of various photographs on the wall, most of which were of her father Pepe at different music events. Pepe, who is a hugely successful musician, has met renowned aristocrats, politicians, movie stars and famous artists such as Mick Jagger, Frank Sinatra, and King Charles. Pepe’s musical talents have been passed down the family; his daughter Patricia is an accomplished flamenco dancer, and her brothers are brilliant guitarists and singers.

Before their performance began, we were given a refreshing glass of white wine by a friendly waitress. Then, a number of tasty tapas dishes followed including patatas bravas, croquetas and huevos rotos. Soon after we finished our delightful meal, the family’s flamenco performance began. During the performance, Patricia was joined by another female dancer from Venezuela. Both women were dressed in their red traje de flamenco (flamenco dress). Together, they performed a bold, expressive, and intense rhythmic dance with immense confidence. Their spirit and passion was shared with Patricia’s brothers who fused together elegant, percussive, and folkloric music. To accompany the music, Patricia danced around with castanets and later on brought out her pericón (fan). Halfway through their performance, 86-year-old Pepe came onto the stage and amazed the audience with his powerful singing voice.

Supporting the dancers, the musicians sang ‘olé’ and ‘eso es’, which echoed through the crowd. This family spirit vibrated throughout the audience as people clapped along to the flamenco beats. At separate times, both Patricia and her father came into the audience to sing and dance offstage, giving the event a unique and intimate aspect. El Toro y La Luna offers a truly authentic experience and is one of the best flamenco performances I have ever seen. It comes highly recommended by not only the ‘24/7 Valencia’ team, but also by many other customers.

Report by Sabina Redfern

Article copyright 24/7 Valencia

Photo copyright Sabina Redfern/ ’24/7 Valencia’


El Toro y La Luna

Plaça del Mestre Ripoll, 13, 46022 València, Valencia


Hours 20:00h – 3.30h

Dinners from  20:00h onwards

SHOWS at 22.30H

Phone+34 667 33 81 67


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