##“In her projects, María Gómez always shows a passion for investigation, a titanic capacity for work and a shocking creative power, as we can see in her exhibition “Involución”.

Her expressionism touches all kinds of emotions that can be  classified as “moving”

She is able to give multiple forms and psychological expression to each sculpted human being. Undoubtedly, it comes as a result of deep reflections on social individuals.

Maybe her work reminds us of some of the great masters of sculpture from the past, but she has her own identity. She feeds on the unmistakable identity of contemporary figurative expressionism. Thus, the audience is facing an evolutionary work with a unique corpus, exploring new narratives of today’s society. Her sculptures bring us closer to the “uniform mass” in which humanity is defined by mass media. There is an inner emptiness that invades the entire society and it is paramount to recognise this hole as our own, so that we can begin to evolve as human beings.

We live in cities where we can be recognised by our faces, our eyes, our fingerprints… But do we recognise ourselves? Are we able to recognise our peers? The depth of  ‘The Self ’emerges in expressionist shape within a narrative that wants to denounce that lack of empathy, that solitude full of things that ultimately leaves the human being helpless before the debacle and economic interests.

In this exhibition, again, Maria Gómez combines techniques from the past with current materials. From the deepest anatomical knowledge –she uses neither moulds nor cutting-edge technology, not even easy stylistic resources– she can form human temperament in 3D. Her sculptures elevate the inert matter of which they are made to the category of “living matter”.

Her modelling is formed in the ‘air’, with volumes studied from an imaginary elaboration, together with the talent of anatomical knowledge and the mastery of mixtures of different artistic techniques, to produce a new material formula.

This masterful combination makes it possible to sense muscles and tendons under the skin of the exhibited sculptures as if they were beings who want to be reborn to the world. All of them make up, without exception, an expository discourse of a single individual who is born, develops and freely transforms itself into what he or she decides to be: a social being able to love oneself and others.

This work is a mirror of realities. A bridge that the artist establishes with the public with an intention to make dialogue, to appeal to our inner self and to create empathy. Happiness is essential to make sense of our life. The mixture needed to make it appear combines well-being, joy and reflection. Without consciousness there is no emotion or feeling that leads to the state of happiness.”

(Adaptation of the original text by Ana Mafé García)



María Gómez

Until 29th September



Guillem de Castro 8



Tel: 96 388 37 30

Tuesday – Saturday 10-14h. / 16h -20h.

Sundays and holidays 10h -20h.




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