##24/7 Valencia: What is your philosophy?

Café Artysana: We believe in good coffee, that kind of coffee that makes you take a deep breath when you smell it and that, with the first sip, it already makes you feel better.

We believe in good food that is homemade, healthy and tasty, prepared with local and fresh ingredients and a lot of love.

We believe that only one true culture consists, which is to have a good heart and to give welcome with open arms to anyone no matter what or where they come from or what language they speak. We believe in talent, any kind of talent that people want to share with others.

We believe in promoting talent and to give platform to artists, including musicians, poets, photographers, writers or others. We believe that a piece of a delicious cake can make anyone smile.

At Café Artysana, we believe in the local community. That’s why, whenever we can, we choose Valencian products. That includes our food, coffee, wine, beer and also the artists who make our cafeteria a special place. ArtySana puts its focus on healthy food. Our ingredients are pure and the simple recipes are the combination that makes food so delicious. We offer a variety of vegetarian, vegan and fish options with gluten-free options, so that anyone can enjoy a good choice of dishes, whatever their diet may be.

Can you tell us about your activities?  At Café Artysana there are sometimes events every month. We have a language exchange. Anyone who wants to practice a new language and meet new people is very welcome. Every Saturday, we change the type of event. We sometimes have live music, wine tastings or artisan beers, our cinema and dinner night or a night of poetry, art and music. There is also a book club.

Please explain to us about your choice of tapas and drinks? We offer a varied menu with home-cooked food that has its focus on vegetarian and vegan food. We also have homemade desserts. As for drinks, we have for example ‘kombuxa’, which is an organic ferménted tea that we serve directly from the tap so it comes out fresh and we avoid the waste of so many containers. It is a healthy alternative to the soft drinks that are on the market. Apart from that, we have natural juices and smoothies and artisan Valencian wines and beers.

Digital nomads who follow ‘24/7 Valencia’ would like to know if you have Wi-Fi? Yes, we have Wi-Fi.

Report by 24/7 Valencia team


Calle Dénia, 49
Zona Ruzafa
Tel: 697 28 09 99

Article copyright 24/7 Valencia team

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