Centre for Neuro-Regenerative Medicine in Valencia

Centre for Neuro-Regenerative Medicine has just completed a clinical trial to demonstrate the efficacy of acupuncture against Parkinson’s Disease

Diseases such as Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, or Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) disrupt our body’s basic functions: balance, speech, movement, or ability to swallow, among others.

There exists an effective alternative without resorting to medication.

The ‘Centro de Medicina Neuro-Regenerativa’ has been researching the applications of acupuncture in the field of neurology for years and has a therapy based on permanent acupuncture, capable of significantly improving the quality of life of people affected by this type of diseases.

A therapy – which has already treated more than 5,000 patients that is not based on drugs, as usual, but in traditional Chinese medicine and therefore lacking adverse side effects.

It is a technique discovered in Germany by neurologist and scientist Ulrich Werth, founder of the Centre for Neuro-Regenerative Medicine. The treatment consists of the application of tiny micro-implants of titanium in the cartilage of the ear.

They are painless, priceless and lifelong treatments and aim to reduce symptoms and alleviate discomfort, regardless of the age of the patient or years of evolution of the disease.

These small needles can also be used to treat other diseases and dementias such as Multiple Sclerosis, Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS), Alzheimer’s, Vascular Dementia, Pick’s Disease, etc.

Regarding these diseases and dementias, the center applies a multidisciplinary approach that includes neuropsychology, physiotherapy and speech therapy throughout the treatment.

For more information:
Centre for Neuro-Regenerative Medicine
C/General Elio, 4 Entlo.1 (opposite Viveros Gardens)
Tel: 96 351 66 80
(Includes actual testimonials from referral patients)

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