Dr Joaquín Riñón:
“Implantology is the most reliable method and fastest way to replenish teeth”

The Dental clinic ‘Art & Dent of Valencia’ is an implant dentistry centre. Dr. Joaquín Riñón directs the clinic and is in charge of performing the treatments of said discipline. With this technique it is possible to have your teeth fixed from the first day.

But what are implants? “Implants are the most reliable way to replace teeth, they function as a new root in which a dental crown is placed,” explains Dr. Joaquín Riñón. Among the many advantages of restoring damaged teeth with dental implantology is: “chewing just as if they were normal teeth without touching adjacent teeth, like a bridge. In addition, they are practically the same as the natural ones and aesthetically there are no differences “, points out Dr. Kidney.

It is a safe procedure
The procedure is fast, because patients, “in the same session have the diseased teeth extracted, the implants are placed and then the fixed prostheses are put in”. This is an advantage that saves a lot of discomfort and time with respect to other techniques, in which to perform this operation it is normally needed to be done in several sessions. However, in Art & Dent, highlights the doctor: “the same day we put in the implants, as we put the teeth in, which are fixed”. It is therefore a quick, safe and comfortable intervention. One of the most common fears that patients ask when it comes to undergoing an implantology treatment is whether it is painful or not. Dr. Riñón explains that, although it is an intervention requiring surgery, “the treatment is not painful because it is performed under local anesthesia, and it depends on the cases in which sedation is sometimes used,” says the dentist.

“We rarely use general anesthesia because it is usually sufficient to apply local anesthesia. In addition, so that the patient is calm and if the intervention is longer, we use conscious sedation, “says Joaquín Riñón. “We follow up on our patients after the first week since the intervention. The next review is performed one and a half months after surgery, three months after surgery and once a year, “…says the doctor.

The best price
Implantology is an investment because patients gain in comfort and quality of life. Art & Dent uses the most advanced techniques to perform this treatment. A method, that of implantology, is economically affordable for all those who trust the professionalism of the team headed by Dr. Joaquin Kidney: “At Art & Dent, the best guarantee is our patients. A large number of them come from many parts of Europe to our clinic to be taken care of by us”, emphasizes the dentist. And, in addition to using the best materials and collaborating with prestigious brands, the prices offered by ‘Art & Dent’ are affordable for all people. In that sense, the clinic offers financing to measure. Finally, our commitment is to transfer to patients our years of experience and dedication to immediate implantology.

Art & Dent
Avda. Cardenal Benlloch, 82 (bajo)
Tel: 963 89 18 68
Info @ clinicaartident

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