1.Tell us something about yourself, your background and experiences.

I studied Music and Media MGMT back in the day and have been involved in music and, subsequently, the comedy industry since. People from my hometown in Ireland started the most legendary and seminal of comedy clubs in Ireland. ‘The International’ is a little room above a bar in central Dublin, which is still there and truly is the cradle of all things that Irish comedy has given us. This includes everyone from Ardal O’Hanlon to Tommy Tiernan.

After Dylan Moran came on the scene, he took it to a new level for me and I was a fan of the genre. One of my proudest coups in 2015 was to bring Dylan to Malaga/Madrid and Barcelona. I lived in Barcelona and ran its Irish festival, a multidisciplinary arts festival called ‘El Feile’ for 7 years.

I organized the first professional comedy show ever to take place in Spain in 2004. In 2005, I created the ‘Giggling Guiri’ comedy club in Barcelona and Spain, producing over 150 shows with the very biggest acts… from Michael McIntyre to Arj Barker.

2. What is the Valencia Comedy night?

I have always felt there was an audience for and wanted to create shows for Valencia. It started most recently working in partenership with a fellow promoter, Barry Eaton, who I sent some of the comics from Barcelona comedy festival down to initially, people like Tony Law and a couple of others.

And it has been dead for a while since until this year when I had the opportunity to take Eddie Izzard through a small venue tour of Spain as he learned the language.

We did 41 shows and if anyone will ‘smoke out’ the comedy fans in literally any town in the world it is Eddie! We sold out 2 nights in Valencia at Sala Zirco with just over 200 people loving it!

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