What is Kingcan?

KINGCAN is a DAYCARE for DOGS and a canine hairdresser in the centre of Valencia, which includes a dog groomer and trainer. We do not have cages and we have plenty of space. We offer a discount in hairdressing to all our daycare customers.


We are a specialist centre where you can leave your dog when you go to work or on holiday. The daycare service offers continuous attention by professionals, with play spaces for the dogs and walks in green areas.

What is a typical day in Kingcan?

We adapt to the schedules of our clients. We start receiving the dogs from the first hour of the morning that we open; as soon as their owners leave we play with the dogs. The dogs then rest and later we start with the walks through the gardens & parks of the area. We return to the nursery and there they rest and then they eat. Some dogs stay half a day and  others the whole day. The activities of each one varies according to the time they are with us. Our expert hairdresser, Marisa, works in the beauty space for our pets so our clients collect clean & healthy dogs. We are specialists in ‘hand-stripping’, which is the type of grooming method used to remove excess hair from the coats of dogs.

Any anecdotes?
We have a little one-year-old Teckel called Ron who has been coming to the nursery since he was 4 months old. He likes to be with us so much that he never wants to go. Ron is super simpático and playful.

Do dogs understand humans better than what we think?
Yes, they do. They understand when we are sad or angry; they understand words and also the tones of our voices. They are excellent companions when they are raised well and loved.

Can you explain your rates & discounts?
We have varied prices depending on the needs of customers.

WHOLE DAY (8 hours):15€
HALF DAY (4 hours):8 €
SINGLE HOURS: 2.50€ per hour
24 HOURS: 17€

Our prices for days are reduced after 7 days, and also vary according to the breed and behaviour of the dog. We offer a free chat at our canine education consultation centre and personalized rates for each client.


Plaza de Almansa, 1 (Off Guillem de Castro)

Tel: 629 50 61 45

Zona Centro (46001)

Normal hours are 09.00h-13.30h / 17.00h – 20.00h

It should be noted that our hours are very flexible and according to the needs of each client.


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