24/7 Valencia: What is the history of Filmoteca D’Estiu?

Áurea Ortiz of Filmoteca : “The ‘Filmoteca D’Estiu’ started over 20 years ago. The regular programming of the Filmoteca at its headquarters in ‘Rialto’ ends in mid-July and returns in mid-September. The idea arose to organize a “summer terrace”, so typical of this region, with outdoor projections and quality programming in the original version. At that time there were practically no summer terraces in the city, unlike today. Fortunately, these days we can find many. It was time to recover the spirit of that special way of enjoying outdoor cinema from a bygone era, with a large screen.

The beginning was a test to see if the public accepted the proposal, especially the option of the original subtitled version. The first edition was a great success, maybe even more than we expected and thus the ‘Filmoteca D’Estiu’ has continued to this day.

We have projected great classics of cinema, of many nationalities, styles and genres, current films and great films of the silent period with live piano accompaniment, projections that have enjoyed a great reception from the public.”

24/7 Valencia: What is the philosophy?
“It is about maintaining a summer terrace with outdoor projections of quality films, always in the original subtitled version, since it is one of the characteristics of our programming…be it at any location. The projections are organized in two or three cycles, combining films from the history of cinema with current works of interest. In recent years, we have screened  award-winning films allowing some of the great films of the year to be seen in August.”

24/7  Valencia: Can you tell us more about the 2022 programme?

“The edgy emotions that populate the universe of Wong Kar-wai are the protagonists of this edition of the Filmoteca d’estiu. The most outstanding films from the Hong Kong director’s filmography make up a cycle that starts in the river in summer and will continue in September at the Filmoteca’s headquarters in the Rialto.  This is an excellent opportunity to enjoy on the big screen a filmmaker characterised by a unique working method and style, closely linked to his collaboration with cinematographer Christopher Doyle. Wong does not start from a closed script, but creates his films on the set from ideas that are merely sketched out. Perhaps it is from this intuition-driven creative immediacy and the fragmentary, sometimes almost dreamlike treatment he gives to space and time that the sensual cadence and evocative power of his films emerge. Films with a bolero rhythm where everything is insinuated, where nothing is obvious or underlined, and which whisper to us stories of broken hearts and impossible loves, of shocking memories and secrets never revealed.

In addition, the usual Harvest of Awards will include the winners of the Best Film at the Oscars (Coda), the Goya Awards (El buen patrón) and the Berlanga Awards of the Valencian audiovisual industry (Espíritu sagrado), as well as the winner of the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival (Titane).”




Interview by 24/7 Valencia team

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from August 5th to September 3rd 2022

Gardens of the Palau de la Música

Session: 3,50€ 10€ session pass: 25€.

The summer terrace of La Filmoteca offers the best classic and contemporary cinema in original version with subtitles.

All  sessions at 22.30h.

Jardines del Palau de la Música



FB: @IVCLaFilmoteca

Instagram: @LaFilmoteca_GVAivc

Twitter: @GVAivc

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