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Alex Baker: I’m a commercial photographer and filmmaker, which means that I’m commissioned by individuals and businesses to create promotional images and videos. My work is specialised in working for musicians and although I’m based here in Valencia, I travel all over Europe to work with different people.

Tell us something about your background
I grew up in Bournemouth in the UK. I’ve always had a need to express myself through the arts, even from a young age. When I was 3 years old, I had to paint every day! Later, I began learning piano and percussion at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester.

After graduating, I worked for around ten years as a freelance musician playing in orchestras such as the BBC Phil and Hallé. I moved to Valencia in 2006 when my husband was offered a job with the Palau de les Arts opera orchestra.

How did you get into photography?
My husband gave me a digital camera in 2004 to take on our tour to China with an ensemble I was playing with. It was built like a brick and had 1.8 megapixels but I was hooked!

Photography became a hobby and I enjoyed documenting our tours and travels. Gradually I bought better cameras, improved and took courses, and then other musicians began asking me to take their promotional photos and it’s grown steadily and organically ever since, to the point where I’m now working more in photography than in music.

I was lucky enough to take a portrait of Plácido Domingo and I’ve worked with several local bands and ensembles in Valencia, such as Arx (arxofficial.com), the electric string quartet, and Moonwinds, the wind ensemble directed by Joan Lluna.

So, music is still an important part of your work but do you photograph anything else?
Yes, I’ve branched out to other areas of commercial photography and I enjoy helping local businesses promote their work visually. I’ve collaborated recently with the brand ‘ilya’, which make beautiful, unique, Spanish-made, Japanese-inspired bags and purses (www.ilya.es), the Café Llepol (C/ Navellos, 10) and the scooter rental company Berider (www.berider.es). I also have some of my fine art landscapes for sale in J. Guzman’s antique and modern art boutique, where you’re always sure to find something unusual and beautiful (www.antiguedadesguzman.com).

In a world where everyone has a camera in their pocket, why is professional photography still important?
It’s true that everyone has a camera these days; however, we live in a visual world and your brand will be represented in a split-second by an image. First impressions count for a lot so it needs to be incredible. How you represent your brand visually matters now more than ever, and a professional photographer can help show your hard work in the best way possible. I love to help other businesses and musicians succeed and it also happens to be a lot of fun!

Where can we see more of your work?
You can see my portfolios on my website: www.alexbakerimages.com. Or follow me on Instagram: www.instagram.com/alexbakerimages.

Interview by 24/7 Valencia team

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