There may already be a copious number of  bars in the hipster mecca of Ruzafa, but head to Splendini (quite near to Ruzafa but on the way to the main train station) for something seriously special.

With a portion of the place a record shop, music cover art staining the walls, as well as jazz, soul and blues music pulsing through speakers, it’s safe to say that Splendini – for over sixteen years now – encompasses the essence of music.

José from ‘Splendini’ has been growing the record collection for more than twenty-five years. People also stop by and donate records. Everything about this gem is ridden with history, a value where not many can say the same, and the influx of eager customers is only testament to this.

The décor with its wooden tables, mismatch furniture and softly-lit lamps are just a few details that create a truly magical and soothing ambience. From outside, the bar emits a warm and mellow glow, drawing people in, particularly when contrasted against the darkness of night’s sky.

After an amazing time and reluctant to say goodbye to Splendini (I’ll be back), I was lucky enough to sit down and chat with José before having to drag myself out of there.

24/7 VALENCIA:What is the background behind Splendini Bar i Discos?
SPLENDINI: Before the bar, we were more of a record shop and into collecting records. After we did that, we decided to start a new project with a bar that includes the record store. This is Splendini.

Does the food at Splendini vary from traditional tapas? If so, how?
Splendini is not a tapas bar or a mini-restauarant or only a bar. We have food options, but it’s not the main ingredient to the bar. Splendini is a mixture of drinks, atmosphere and options of food. It’s a mixture of traditional Valencia with other places and cultures. We have ensaladilla rusa, which is Spanish tapas. With our food, we have a mixture of things, all wrapped into one and try to be healthy because we only use fresh ingredients. The bread we use, for example, is bought on the same street.

What is your most popular dish?
The pastrami sandwich. When we first started with the pastrami sandwich, we were one of the first in Valencia to offer it. Now, a lot of people come to Splendini, specifically for our pastrami sandwich!

Was there any influences or inspirations that went into the making of the place?
The main influence is the music. Everything about Splendini is about music – the pictures on the walls, the food – sometimes on the menu we write music-related jokes. It is maybe American inspired as well because of the music we play and some food we have on the menu.

So, people can purchase these records here?
Yep. The shop is always open when the bar is open so people that come can actually buy the records from jazz to blues to hip-hop to funk to soul and even a little rock and pop.

What people usually come here?
A lot of artists and creative people come to Splendini, from people in their mid-twenties to their sixties. It’s for everyone and a place for different people to mix.

What kind of atmosphere do you try to create for your customers?
On weekends, we play music even louder and before COVID, people would get up and dance. The place isn’t specifically for dancing but if people want to and the music moves people, we won’t stop them.

How has Splendini been affected by COVID?
COVID has affected Splendini in all areas. Before COVID, we had more tapas, more sandwiches and menu options, but since we opened again, we decided to reduce the menu. People don’t seem to mind though. They come anyway – if I had only five things, that’s okay with the customers because it’s not just a place for food. There is so much to Splendini and that’s why people come.

24/7 VALENCIA:There we have it. With Splendini offering the perfect getaway from the outside hustle and bustles, I’m not sure why you haven’t got your shoes on yet. Get down to Splendini already and delight in an evening of funk, jazz, blues and booze!

Report by Amun Sira

Article copyright 24/7 Valencia

Splendini Bar i Discos
C/ Segorbe, 10


Opening Hours:


7:00 PM – 11:00 PM


6:00 PM – 12:30 AM


6:00 PM – 1:30 AM


6:00 PM – 1:30 AM


During Festive season, please check Facebook updates for some late morning / early afternoon openings too.

+34 679 61 18 96

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