Tell us about your experience in the world of music…

##I was born in the 60s. Since the late 70s to the present, I’ve always been linked to the musical world. In the beginning as a DJ, then record sales and later as a music promoter. I have always maintained a clear and strong commitment with roots music, mainly with Afro-American genres including Blues, R & B, Soul, Funk, Groove, Acid Jazz, Free Style.  Also with World Music like Afro Beat, Reggae, Latin, Boogaloo, MPB and Samba. Plus Fusion Music along with other innovative genres like Electro Swing, Nu Jazz, Electro Bossa and more. In the decade of the 80s, I worked as a DJ at several discos on the coast… from Benicássim to Marbella. In 1993, I opened the Black Note Club in Valencia.

Can you let us know more about Black Note Club …

 They have been 25 years dedicated 100% to a passionate, coherent and exciting project, always by the motto: ‘Everything for the music’. It has been a long journey, full of great moments, great artists and good friends. It was a risky bet but we have managed to position it as a good reference regarding the Afro-American live music scene.

What can you tell our readers regarding ‘FunkSociedad’ Manager Agency?

 The Management agency arose from the good relationship maintained with the musicians of the scene, both with the “old school” and with the “new fresh talents”. From that arose representations, events and promotions and so on. Summing up, ‘FunkSociedad’ is a playful, cultural collective made up of friends and professionals that brings together different artists, DJs, producers and people from the world of entertainment, whose purpose is to support the music scene and enhance the Mediterranean character that unites us so much.

What is your role at Café Mercedes Jazz?

 I run the artistic direction, the human resources side, the management of the venue, deal with the suppliers and the  overall management of the establishment. Our weekend proposal consists of three time slots with different contents:

– At 9:30 p.m. “Dinner Show” (Jazz, Bossa Nova and Acoustic sessions).

– Around midnight “Hot R & B” (Blues, R & B, Groove, Soul, Reggae & Brazilian flavours).

– After 2:00 a.m. “Top Vinyl DJs” (daring sets by vinyl DJs, with sessions of FunkSoul, Groove, Acid Jazz, Freestyle and Boogaloo).

What upcoming events are you planning?

Our concert and DJ programming can be consulted at and on social networks including In 2019-2020, we have a very complete programme with a very interesting choice on offer.


Interview by Will McCarthy

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