When visiting a new city do you want to discover its history, hidden gems, and get gastronomical recommendations but without the limitations of being a part of a tour group? Well, with Secret City Trails you get to do all of that but on your terms! The self-guided software allows you to become the tour guide and discover the city by decoding riddles with your friends.

The Mysteries of the City’s Old Quarters will show you around the essential buildings and monuments in the Centro Historico of Valencia and share the stories of these places. All of this is done in a fun and innovative way by providing you and your teammates with riddles to figure out where your next stop is. Usually, tours are like a university lecture where you spend two hours listening to the guide. However, with this experience, you get to interact with your friends while discovering the city.

Their software also gives you recommendations for places to eat and have a drink. One of the best recommendations was Café de las Horas which has the best Agua de Valencia in the city, a fact approved by this writer  at ‘24/7 Valencia’. The software that you get to use as an App… but without having to download anything…also takes you to places like the Cathedral and the Central Market. It also shows you smaller details and makes you appreciate the art scene in Valencia by making certain graffiti murals a part of the experience.

The guided tour of Valencia was designed by Suzie, a professional tour guide and founder of Tours in Valencia. Suzie also provides in-person tours as well as food and wine experiences and tastings.



Phone Number: 0034 644512221




Instagram: @toursinvalencia

Secret City Trails:

Report and Photos by Nicole Maka-Sprawa

Article copyright  ‘24/7 Valencia’

Photos copyright Nicole Maka-Sprawa / 24/7 Valencia

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