##Vinyl Eye is a clothing brand whose exclusive designs revolve around music (rock and roll, pop, punk, garage, blues, soul, glam, hard-rock…) and which works side by side with some of Valencia’s best graphic designers, including La Nena Wapa Wapa, Andrés Palmero, David Limón, Jaume Palop, Sara Luz, Runninmen, Gogals and Disneylexya. The company was born out of the desire to unite design, clothing and music in a single product. You are very welcome to visit us on C/ Turia in Valencia near Torres de Quart. You will discover a new concept of store, understood as a multidisciplinary space where music, art and clothing co-exist in perfect harmony. Also visit our website (www.vinyl-eye.com) to learn about our products, our services and our philosophy as a brand and company.



C/ Turia, 35

Zona Botánico


Tel: 96 147 80 33





10:00h–14:00h, 17:00h–20:00h

Tuesday 10:00h–14:00h, 17:00h–20:00h
Wednesday 10:00h–14:00h, 17:00h–20:00h
Thursday 10:00h–14:00h, 17:00h–20:00h
Friday 10:00h–14:00h, 17:00h–20:00h
Saturday 10:00h–14:00h
Sunday closed

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