##24/7 Valencia: Could you tell us something about the new ‘Cinesa Luxe’ in Bonaire, Valencia?

Cinesa Luxe: We truly welcome you all to Cinesa Luxe, which has the best 21st century cinema experience awaiting you: so please take a seat…

Can you tell us about the special seating?

Each reclinable seat in each row of your cinema has been designed by experts so you can relax and rest during the movie. With less seating and more space, you will have a more personal and immersive experience on each visit.

Could you tell us about your bar?

Our selection of excellent Wines, Gin & Tonics and Beers is perfectly combined with a new and irresistible menu of hot and cold dishes including Cheeses and Hams. In addition, with your own table integrated in the seat, you can enjoy your delicious movie snacks with maximum comfort.

Can you tell us about the image on screen? From floor to ceiling and wall to wall – our iSense screens are huge; the perfect canvas for the latest 4K digital projectors. Four times the resolution of standard projectors, they provide almost nine million pixels for an even brighter, clearer and more detailed image.  

What about the sound? Dolby® Atmos ™ presents a powerful new listening experience for moviegoers. With a sound that really surrounds you and allows you to hear the whole picture, Dolby® Atmos ™ enhances the realism and impact of each scene by approaching the movie.

And the snacks? There is no full movie experience without snacks like Popcorn and Cinesa Luxe offers a wide range of snacks for all tastes. Whether you fancy something sweet, salty or a little of everything, our menu of delicious dishes and drinks will hit the spot.   


Interview by 24/7 Valencia team 



Sala de cine (CINEMA)


Autovía del Este, 46960, Valencia


TEL: 961 579 245



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