‘Quiz Eat Drink’ at ‘El Garaje’ in Valencia

#“The best way to spend your Thursday evenings!”

If there’s one thing that is certain to bring people together and get your heart rate up, it is a good old pub quiz. And to make things even better, there is a place hosting them not far from the Mestalla stadium that has food trucks inside! Yes, I am talking about El Garaje where every Thursday at 8 pm there is a Trivia Night with Quiz Eat Drink where alliances are formed over a shared plate of nachos with a simple goal of victory. There are also free shots given to all the team members to help get the creative juices flowing.

The venue is truly unique with cool automotive decor and table service… so you can keep the drinks coming without having to abandon your team during the crucial rounds. The quiz is organised by the Quizmaster Stu who reads the questions out and displays them on the screen provided in the bar. Every quiz night is composed of four rounds, one of which is always a picture round.

The event is a perfect opportunity to meet other English-speakers in Valencia and you are under no obligation to arrive as a team as the hosts make sure everyone is in a team of four (more or less). The event is also sponsored by local businesses in Valencia, which provide discounts for activities such as day trips or language courses. Making this a great event for those new in the city trying to get their bearings.

In terms of prizes, the first-place winners of the quiz receive a bottle of bubbly and individual trophies, which you can add to your personal collection, whereas the runners-up receive a consolidation shot and a revenge certificate that allows you to return in the future and claim your place as the true winner of the trivia quiz, at a discounted price.

On Tuesdays, Quiz Eat Drink also hosts a Board Game Night where you can play anything from Cards Against Humanity to Dungeons and Dragons.

So if your week is ever looking bleak, you can Quiz Eat and Drink. See you all there!


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El Garaje Foodie

Calle del Doctor Ferran 10



Opening Times – Every day from 12noon till 00:30


Report by Nicole Maka-Sprawa

Article copyright  ‘24/7 Valencia’

‘El Garaje Foodie’ photo copyright Julia McGee-Russell / ’24/7 Valencia’


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