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The Grape Harvest Festival in ‘Cheste’ from September 24th to October 18th!

The Cheste Grape Harvest Festival, scheduled from  September 24th to 18 October 18th, is already in the process of being declared a Festival of Regional Tourist Interest!

With this celebration, which marks the beginning of autumn each year, the municipality pays homage to its patron saint, Saint Luke the Evangelist, since time immemorial, and commemorates the agricultural tradition of the town, especially the grape harvest in Cheste’s fields, and the work of all the farmers who are involved in wine production.

These winemaking roots are present in this cultural and recreational event with the “Pisá de la uva”, an act that has been carried out continuously since 1973 to remember and recreate how wine was made in the past.

As the Cheste councillor for Youth, Festivities, Equality and Citizen Participation, Raúl Mota López, explains, the dossier to request that the ‘Fiestas de la Vendimia’ be recognised as being of regional tourist interest has already been drafted and is ready to be sent to the Generalitat. A very characteristic celebration with many years of history which, in the councillor’s words, deserves this distinction because it is a “unique festival deeply rooted in the traditions of Chorca, in which homage is paid to agriculture and wine”.  Preserving, strengthening and promoting these fiestas for tourism, he points out, “guarantees that our identity and folklore, our roots, both as a people and as a community, are preserved”.

The music bands, the “Caps de Dansà”, the gunpowder, the regional costumes, the grapes and the flowers, will colour the streets, squares and neighbourhoods of Cheste for almost a month with a series of events and activities for all audiences, including its gastronomic fair, its processions, its musical shows and more…

Report by 24/7 Valencia team

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More info: https://www.cheste.es/landing

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