Interview with SLAVIA owner Alex

1. Can you tell us a bit about your background in the world of Valencia nightlife?
I started out as a waiter while I was studying at University and eventually became manager of 2 locals. After that, in 1996, I started SLAVIA in the historic centre. In 2005, I opened CAFÉ DE LAS LUCES in what has now become the hip barrio of Benimaclet.

2. Can you tell us about the drinks that can be enjoyed at SLAVIA?
We really look after our product in terms of quality and variety. We have nearly 25 cervezas from countries around the world including Belgium, Germany, France, Spain and Valencian craft beers and more…
Slavia has been famous for its ‘Agua de Valencia’ cocktails for many years. We have more than 30 different types of Gins. We care for our customers about presenting & combining the Ginebres well with our Tonicas.
We have many types of cocktails including caipirinhas, piña coladas, caipiroskas, mojitos, negronis (which our Italian customers love) and more. In the winter months, we tend to have a more Spanish Public. However, in the spring and summer it’s a more cosmopolitan crowd.

3. What kind of music can you find at Slavia?
Good melodies. Quality Pop music from Spain and internationally too, some Reggaeton in the hotter months, some commercial & remember music, some Black music, some Rock tunes but no House music. We are open to all ages.

4. Can you tell us something interesting about the interior?
Slavia is the only local in the barrio that has the 11th century Islamic wall from the Moorish period of Valencia. There are 2 zones, one is the bar with Dancefloor and the other is a Chill Out zone with tables and seating. We also have a terraza outside that is great for watching the world go by at night…

5.How do you find the barrio these days?
I believe that the dynamic is on the up in the old centre. The faddish barrios away from the centre have become a bit saturated & castigated too. After 3 or 4 years of things being quieter, there is more life, a better quality public & more people in the Barrio del Carmen again. It’s been renovated and its growing again. I’m optimistic about the future here…

Pza. San Jaime nº 8, bajo.
627 95 81 24
Winter hours:
Thursday to Saturday
From 20.30h to 02.30h

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